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SOSFakeFlash Message to eBay And PayPal on Fraud for MP Players Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 10, 2009

At our “report a fake” Tabs – we begin with a reminder to you both and to eBayers of recent lawsuits against you. It was a warning. It was also to educate people that you been brought to task before. We said:

Any company who had been involved directly or indirectly with a transaction involving fake flash – ie counterfeit goods is liable and responsible – if they chose not to respond to the situation or take the warnings issued by customers seriously. To ignore the issue is to condone it.

You both have had opportunity to address the situation. You chose not too. So we turned up the heat. Exactly what temperature do you need before you choose to address the situation and also to come clean before the public?

What eBay has done to some who have worked on the Project to assist their fellows – is not amusing, it is vindictive and catty. You need to look up the difference in meaning between ethical and spiteful – you seen to have reversed them in your dictionary.

What PayPal has done to some members who have tried to claim refunds is beyond comprehension. You can expect those you denied refunds to, to be back at your doors. It is in your interest to have them queued orderly and quietly to be processed for full refunds and not arriving with battering rams.

Both of you need to mature, to accept responsibility for what has happened in the eBay selling arena. To stop attempting to deny that it ever happened. You both have lost many members because of your actions. Each victim is bad press and has made sure to tell anyone and everyone who might listen about their experiences with you. No one is interested in any excuses you might have. A dim view exists in offering “special vouchers” or “special exception refunds” – shut up and go away money does not solve the issues. It also demonstates your guilt. In trying to buy “silence” you only demonstate why people should not do business with you.

What is your plan – to address the issue of selling any devices on eBay using flash based technology. Specifically MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash Cards. How do you intend to ensure that these items are certified for the advertised capacity? How do you intend to hold sellers of these items accountable? To ensure that if a seller sells false capacity and or counterfeit items (Kingston, Sony, Sandisk to name a few) and is so discovered, buyers will be refunded in full immediately? That buyers of the same items not aware are informed?.


2 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash Message to eBay And PayPal on Fraud for MP Players Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives”

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  2. Eric Vogel said

    I got swindled by a company selling Kingston USB flash drives. Site is

    The flash drive I bought (Kingston DataTraveller 150 64GB) is faulty and will not save files. It converts folders into lost fragment files and creates a found.000 folder which my scand disk and defrag programs say is corrupted. I cannot format the drive as well.

    I called Kingston directly and they told me that I was on a counterfeit site out of china. They said they are in legal issues right now with the company but nothing can be done yet to shut them down. Kingstonusbcf used PayPal as their intermediary. They are next on my list for complaints since they are helping a known counterfeiter to sell products overseas into the US. Isn’t that a federal crime?

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