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SOSFakeFlash Message to eBay And PayPal on Fraud for MP Players Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 10, 2009

At our “report a fake” Tabs – we begin with a reminder to you both and to eBayers of recent lawsuits against you. It was a warning. It was also to educate people that you been brought to task before. We said:

Any company who had been involved directly or indirectly with a transaction involving fake flash – ie counterfeit goods is liable and responsible – if they chose not to respond to the situation or take the warnings issued by customers seriously. To ignore the issue is to condone it.

You both have had opportunity to address the situation. You chose not too. So we turned up the heat. Exactly what temperature do you need before you choose to address the situation and also to come clean before the public?

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