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Did You Manage To Buy A Real USB Flash Drive – MP Player – Memory Card On eBay Or The Internet?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 26, 2009

Are you a person who bought a real (genuine capacity) MP Player, usb flash drive or memory card on the Internet or even eBay? There is an urgent need to find sites that are safe to buy from. True capacity, not fakes or counterfeits. Many people do not have easy access to usb flash drives, memory cards or MP Players where they live or at least not at prices they can afford.

SOSFakeFlash and eBayers Against False Capacity Devices II are struggling to assist victims of fake flash purchases on eBay. The 16GB fake flash plague unleashed in the last three months of 2008 has overwhelmed members in the FrankenFlash Project. Many fake flash victims never dreamed anyone would do something so foul as to reprogramme a flash drive to lie about it’s true capacity. Some have paid high prices, some low.

After eight months of investigation, the FrankenFlash Project has only one conclusion – eBay is NOT the place to buy these items. Unless the true and genuine sellers CAN BE FOUND!

We need to find internet sites around the world with reputable sellers urgently. The price range needs to be reasonable, not more than 20% to 25% higher than the price range offered on eBay (for fakes and counterfeits). The price range should also be 20% to 25% less then at large retail chains.

Did you have a positive buying experience for a usb flash drive, memory card or mp player – that delivered the advertised capacity?

1. Please let us know the internet site.
2. What you bought (flash usb drive, mp player, memory card)
3. The country or region the site serves.
4. How you felt about your purchase.
5. How long you have been using the device.

The FrankenFlash Project hopes to collect the data and is willing to have a two lists build just like the “Fake Flash Seller List for eBay”, complete with click links to go directly to the site or in the case of eBay Sellers to the negative and neutrals.

Our sites are not stuffed from head to toe with annoying ads. We do not generate revenue from the occasional ad’s that may appear are part of the hosting deal (needed for the host provider to finance and maintain the web space they provide).

We don’t even have any “donate” buttons currently at any of the sites. Yes we are draining our personal pockets to assist you, even when it hurts. Not all members can contribute financially but they give their time. Some do both. A lot of things have been donated to help us. The tools we use are free to us as, and yes we will hint to donate to others who provide them as we can’t.

In any list we would build there will NOT BE ANY REFERAL FEE allowed. We intend to keep the integrity of the project, so we are not going to be bribed by any site or eBay seller to promote them.

Any internet site that gets onto the lists will do it by it’s own merit. The same applies to eBay sellers. Good sellers deserve to be found and put under the spot light! They are being buried under the sea of fake flash sellers. It is not fair. It is also frustrating to them as they struggle to sell genuine flash devices.

You the visitors are the ones who can suggest sellers on this post. You can also send in the same information to

and we would appreciate it. We have to check the information out. Just like the fake flash sellers lists, these new ones will be dynamic. Sellers can be added – they can also be deleted if they start selling fake flash.

Can eBay sellers apply or are all sellers on eBay Excluded?

eBay sellers can apply. Everyone hates what is happening there. We do know there are honest sellers, we just can’t find them. They should not be punished for the deeds of others. However, to be recommended the seller will have to do a few things:

1) Put in his or her listings that the flash items whether MP Players, Flash usb drives or memory cards have been tested – for true capacity.

We don’t want to see screen captures from an operating system showing size as a proof. If a seller has to open a package for a product line to perform the testing, that is the price for inspecting goods – quality control. It is better than the horrors of being chased by fake flash victims. Some sellers don’t check and live a nightmare as a result.

2) Mention in the listing that the item for sale was tested and passed H2testw 1.4

3) Mention in the listing they are aware of eBay flash scams and are not a part it.

4) Mention in the listing 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Stating clearly the item is not fake or false capacity item.

5) Do not have to mention they are SOSFakeFlash certified.

They do not have to mention our site(s). We are not interested in extortion. They can mention if they choose, mention they are on the list of safe sellers once they are on it. That is perfectly fine with us. As a good seller and to convince people that they are genuine and sincere we are happy to shine the spotlight on them.

6) Does not have to have 100% positive feedback.

eBayers can be hard to please. They should have positive feedback for the flash items. We are not interested in complaints about shipping time or postal issues or that the item came in pink instead of blue. We will also not allow for eBayers to exhort “extras” from a seller with threats of negative or crying fake. We don’t just investigate sellers, we also check out buyers when they report fakes. We have unfortunately caught a number of them reporting sellers they did not buy from and surprise – we excluded them from the database.

eBay sellers can recommend that buyers test the items and report into us with testing proof of genuine capacity. Explaining that this helps to fight counterfeits and fakes.

EBay sellers interested in making it to the list, should contact us at:

and sending a recent listing link would be nice.

We are willing to support honest sellers on eBay for MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives.

How The Lists would work:

It would work just like the fake flash sellers list on eBay. It will be dynamic and generated in a database. We can add sellers and we can remove sellers. If a seller starts getting bad reports, off the list the seller goes. It is pretty simple. It does not involve a lot of work or html coding, just a few clicks and it is ready.

This post works just like the one for fixing fake flash or how to reprogram a fake.

So do you have any recommendations for us and for others? Please leave a comment here so we can start collecting the information for everyone.

1. Please let us know the internet site.
2. What you bought (flash usb drive, mp player, memory card)
3. The country or region the site serves.
4. How you felt about your purchase.
5. How long you have been using the device.

It will take time to have lists of genuine sellers – we begin with this post. Let’s start finding the genuine Sellers out there! Start helping by leaving your comments here.


15 Responses to “Did You Manage To Buy A Real USB Flash Drive – MP Player – Memory Card On eBay Or The Internet?”

  1. The_Flash said

    Awesome post. I’ve just gone through my collection of flash devices and checked what came from where, and present my contribution to the safe-sellers-list. 🙂 (These are all web-stores, and not eBay-related ones.)


    1: –

    2: One 2GB USB flash-drive, two 1GB SD Cards, and three SDHC Cards (one 4GB, one PNY-branded 16GB, and one 16GB).

    3: Serves and delivers free to the following: UK; Ireland; Andorra; Austria; Belgium; Cyprus; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece (orders must not exceed £30 for delivery to Greece); Greenland; Iceland; Italy; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Malta; Monaco; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; San Marino; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Vatican. (More information: )

    4: I felt that all of the purchases were excellent – no local stores have ever been able to match’s prices, and the goods arrived quickly. The capacity of their flash devices is, of course, genuine – and their own-brand ones usually represent superb value-for-money. I use the 2GB flash-drive for running portable Linux distributions from, and it works excellently for this task.

    5: I’ve been using these devices for two years or so (for the 2GB flash-drive, which is the oldest purchase), to one year or so (for the 1GB SD Cards; One of them is in a camera, and is used quite frequently), to several months to several weeks (for the three different SDHC Cards).


    1: Amazon UK –

    2: Multiple SD Cards and microSD Cards of varying sizes and brands (Viking Interworks, SanDisk, Bytestor, and Kingston), and one 512MB Fujifilm xD-Picture Card.

    3: Serves and delivers to the UK. Postage is free on purchases costing over £5. (More information: )

    4: More good purchases, here, although in more recent times their flash prices haven’t been quite as good as’s. All devices I’ve purchased have been genuine, as one would expect from a well-known retailer. However, you must be wary of the fact that sometimes third-party sellers’ listings will be prioritised when you click on an item, even if Amazon UK itself carries it (there is usually a bar at the right-hand side of a listing where you can change which seller’s item is being displayed, when you click on such listings). I can only comment on Amazon UK’s goods, not those of third-party sellers.

    5: I’ve been using all of these for a couple of years, never with any problems.


    1: 7DayShop –

    2: One 8GB Kingston SDHC Card.

    3: Serves and delivers free to the UK and Eire. Also allows free pickup from their warehouse for Guernsey-based customers.

    4: I was happy with this purchase, just as I have been with my and Amazon UK purchases – it arrived promptly, and was a genuine device.

    5: I’ve been using this card for around a month or two, at the time of writing.


    Note: I deliberately didn’t include any prices, due to the way flash-memory prices can change (usually by dropping). However, all three of these stores tend to provide flash products at rather less cost than local brick-and-mortar stores – at least in my experience. (And I haven’t even seen any 16GB devices locally yet. Though admittedly with these three sites, I rarely look for flash-memory locally.)

    I hope this is useful information. If I’ve missed anything, or if there is something else I need to add to it, let me know. 🙂

  2. Jake said

    flashymemory ebay seller . real 16GB pen stick. usa ships everywhere. has a 32gb too.

  3. Dave said

    Hi, I sell real drives. They can be seen at
    Here is the current rule of thumb (2-10-09)
    Wholesale prices for…
    8GB Flash drives approx. $14.00 USD
    16GB Flash drives approx. $25.00 USD
    32GB Flash drives approx. $50.00 USD

    Then add to that shipping from China and customs fees.

    On eBay I get charged to list them, Then I get charged a final sales fee, Then PayPal charges me to receive the money. All of the sellers out there are charged the same fees. SO let’s do the math…
    You buy a 16GB flash drive for $26 USD they ship it to you for free, pay eBay twice and PayPal once. If the wholesale cost was $25 they lost money.
    DID YOU GET A REAL ONE? Probably not.

    I hope this helps,
    Good luck out there,

  4. FakeStopper said

    Hi Dave,

    I totally agree with you. I have contacted a few manufacturer in China. And let me say, they are not small manufacturer – they are big huge one with millions of dollar turnover. They makes lots of drive for the big company as well – e.g. Sony etc.

    Of coz I requested the price list from them to investigate and ask them question about flash drive. At that time when I contacted them, they told me there were basically not drive above 16GB (that’s was a few months ago). So you can imagine what Dave is saying. If a 16GB drive cost you that much (i.e. too good to be true) – you probably got a fake.

  5. Dave said

    Hi FakeStopper,
    The prices I mentioned were as of Feb 10, 2009.
    Yes a few months ago the prices were higher and the largest was 16GB.

    This is what my supplier told me about the current drives.
    8GB Can hold 8GB no problem.
    16GB is using new technology and is stable, can hold 16GB.
    32GB technology is not yet stable will not hold a full 32GB.

    When 32GB is stable I will feel comfortable selling 16GB.

    For now I will stick to selling 8GB.


  6. Dave said

    Hi All,
    I just got an updated price list from my supplier.
    The wholesale price of flash drives is going up.

    Just the chip sets (the guts) are as follows:
    8 GB $13.15
    16 GB 28.86
    32 GB 58.47

    The shells (outside covering) run between $2.02 & $4.36 depending on the style.

    So the cheapest I can get would be:
    8 GB $15.17
    16 GB $30.88
    32 GB $60.49

    The shipping and customs fees from china to USA run just under $200 per 100 units.
    So add another $2.00 to each drive.

    Ebay charges to list an item… $.35
    Ebay charges a fee when your item sells… $1.17
    PayPal charges the seller a fee to receive the money… $.87
    shipping and handling to the customer is just under $1.75
    THAT IS $21.31 USD for the cheapest 8 GB without profit !!!

    I am currently trying to sell mine on ebay for $19.50 w/ free shipping and they are not selling.

    This is what my supplier said about the current stability of the larger flash drives:
    16GB chipset: USD28.86(All model can do 16GB)

    32GB chipset: USD58.47(Some can do 32GB with enough space, Some has no enough space can`t do 32GB)

    Yours truly and still trying,

  7. Eric said

    I have bought flash based SD cards on deal extreme and they were all perfect. Their customer service is wonderful too ! Very refreshing…

  8. SaKo said

    I just bought a Kingston 64Gb from CCLONLINE (UK Based) For £92.98 Inc Free postage And it checks out as Real! The link to there site is

  9. ITGuy said

    When shopping for flash drives or other products on the internet you should consider how you are protected from a consumer rights perspective.

    In the EU, consumer rights laws generally do not cover what it is referred to as consumer to consumer (C2C)purchases or auction purchases. Since the majority of purchases on EBay are of this format you are not covered by consumer rights laws and your only protection is EBay and Paypal policies.

    If you purchase from “professional / registered businesses” you are covered by your individual governments consumer rights regulations and if you purchase from a company registered in another EU member state you are also covered by EU consumer rights regulations.

    In some EU countries if you purchase a faulty product the sellers responsibility includes reimbursement for postage costs for returning the product and replacing the product.

    Links to EU Sites on Consumer Rights.

    Cross Border Rights :

    Extract from:
    A Belgian consumer purchased various items from a French webtrader, including a USB stick. He subsequently informed the trader that the USB stick was defective. He returned the item and received a voucher in return to buy something else from the trader. The consumer did not accept the voucher and contacted ECC Belgium, who transferred the case to ECC France. They wrote to the trader, pointing out the applicable law when it comes to the legal guarantee in the case of lack of conformity. The trader was reminded that the consumer has the choice between repair and replacement of the product and that no additional costs can be imposed on the consumer. In this case, if the consumer had used the voucher, he would have had to pay additional delivery costs for the new product. Following the contact of ECC France, the trader agreed to cancel the voucher and sent a new USB stick to the consumer

    Something to consider, who do you want representing you in a complaint against a seller, Ebay / Paypal or your government?

  10. Average Joe said

    I finally managed to buy a legit SDHC card from ebay.

    Seller ruready4dealz, is a Canadian Ebayer, ships to Canada, and the USA. I purchased a 32GB Verbatim Class 6 SDHC card just recently, and tested it with h2testw.exe. Appears to be legit. This is the first of 3 SDHC cards purchased on ebay that was legit. Purchase price was reasonable, at $60 US, plus $2 shipping to Canadian address, $7 to USA. He has sold previous SDHC cards at good prices with no negative feedback. I spent more previously on ebay, and received a fake.

    Htestw output:
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 7.93 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 12.1 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

  11. TechChips said

    Hi Average Joe,

    It appears that the info is in line with pricing and your test results, especially considering that ruready4dealz is selling them used. Used btw, doesn’t mean bad. Afterall, if you use a memory card to take a few pictures, it is now used.

    You got a good deal. Verbatim? !!! Top of the line, my favorite brand. Yeah, after my fake flash experience, I only buy high end. Verbatim’s Limited Lifetime Warranty speaks for itself.

  12. Tina Goult said

    I’ve just received a 16gb flash drive from innovico_surplus and used h2testw1_4 and it passed with no problems but the only downside is it is only 15gb when viewing properties but for £17.34 and p&p extra I think it’s still a bargain as I paid £20.99 for a 32gb Kingston datatraveller 150 from an internet site in China and they sent me a fake sony vaio drive now trying to get a refund after asking for the original drive I ordered and not arrived but so far seller ignoring my e-mails I’ve sent so will be opening a dispute with them through paypal.

  13. grump3 said

    Following on from my successful dispute with Sunfeixia2009 over a fake 32GB card a friend recommended an ebay seller:
    In the past month I’ve purchased two SanDisk 8GB SD HC SDHC Memory Cards & one SanDisk 8GB microSDHC 8 GB card from this seller, all for just over $20 each. All have passed H2testw verification.
    Item Numbers:
    Seems I’ve located an honest seller for once.

  14. Scott said

    Hi, Not sure if this list is being updated still but …
    I’ve just bought a genuine 8GB Class10 SDHC card from ebay seller – “lowpricememoryltd” for £8.95 (free delivery)
    hwtest checks out OK. See log below. Cheers

    Warning: Only 7640 of 7641 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 10.4 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 14.5 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

  15. Lasantha Bandara said

    I bought a 32 GB MIcro SDHC class 10 from this seller.I tested it with H2testw.It passed.His communication was good.Here are theresults

    Warning: Only 30529 of 30530 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 9.28 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 15.9 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    1.Web site-e bay-
    online store .F&L super store USA
    3.Item-32Gb micro sd class 10
    4.Used duration-Just bought it.5 years warranty.So no worries.
    5.Selling -world wide
    6Why recommend.His communication was good.Fast shipping.In my country no class 10 32Gb to find.Even class 4 32Gb here costs me ~ $ 150.00 .Shipping + cost for this.~ $ 104(product cost $72).Its a bargain for me.I am a victim of fake 32GB seller on ebay that’s what got me to sos fake flash at the first place.

    Hope this will help millions like me who got scammed…

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