Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

What Is It That eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Devices Using Private Auctions Just Don’t Understand?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 22, 2009

It is no secret that eBay is NOT the place to buy flash devices such as usb flash drives, memory cards or MP Players. There are genuine sellers of these items on eBay but they are few and hard to find -buried under the cheap and not so cheap fake flash heap. The traffic in counterfeit and fake (flash capacity) has been around for a long time on eBay, old eBay members say it dates back to 2003 but most internet evidence starts appearing in 2005.

eBay Fake Flash sellers come and go. The most recent trend is to use Private Auctions so that there is no evidence of what was purchased. This is against the intent eBay had for the use of such listing. Like other fake flash sellers they do get found out. But these sellers add to their crimes when they are caught by a member. SOSFakeFlash has seen this repeatedly in eight months of investigating.

Seeing it is believing it. Here is one of the most obvious and glaring examples.


The item is Fraud/Fake!! The memory chip is 2GB and is hacked to look like 16GB!


you lie! u promised u’ll not leave bad feedback! i refunded ur payment but u give me bad feedback! & u even not return item!

For the record the ebay listing. Member id obscured for general internet (respect for member privacy) the actual can be seen at eBay.


What is it that this fake flash seller does not understand? An eBayer having tested the flash drive and confirming it a fake (hacked) is not supposed to be delighted the seller refunded. The drive should not be returned. Send counterfeit items using the Postal System? If the drive is to be sent anywhere it should go to law authorities – not to the seller so he can resell it and make a new victim.

To demand positive feedback in exchange for a refund is black mail.

If a seller was honest and genuine he would not demand this. Instead he would hope and pray you forgive him and be kind. This fine – EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF FAKE FLASH DEVICES. Unless he can prove victim status. eBay sellers of fake flash under private auction listings most definately are not inclined toward honesty but are skilled in deception and guile.

Fake flash is not a moth eaten sweater or a reproduction of an ancient artifact. These devices are dangerous to data! People lose their files. Many have no backup or deleted from the source because they actually “saw” the files listed. They had no idea only information “about” the files were copied and not the files themselves. In good fakes, that is, clever ones, additional space is reserved to record information about files – so they “look” there. The better fakes deduct for the space those files should have taken.

We don’t understand the expectation for “Kiss and make Up”, fake flash sellers expect. Do you?

Money is hard to earn these days. If people choose to leave positive to get their refunds, they are making themselves a victim a second time. They are also allow other eBayers to fall into the same fake flash pit. Fake flash sellers can only be removed with NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and reporting them.

If any seller demands positive feedback, make sure you have a written record of it. Say what you feel you should… But make sure when all is said and done to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK – even indicate they demanded positive. Then send the email with the seller demanding positive for a refund to both eBay and PayPal. It is time for both of them to wake and and realize just why there are so many positives for fake flash sellers!

If you are interested, see the eBay Fake Flash Sellers list at the SOSFakeflash site. Click on the sellers name and begin to review their history for negatives and neutrals. eBay fake flash sellers come and go. eBay listings come and go. But what does not disappear is the feedback comments from buyers – that is one thing eBay can never hide from buyers, no matter how hard they try or how difficult they make it.

If you are an eBay victim of a fake flash device, ALWAYS MAKE SURE you leave a little description of the item you bought besides the word FAKE. That way the record is stamped for ever. The 90 days may come and go, but YOUR WORDS WILL REMAIN!

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