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What Do eBay Fake Flash Sellers jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay Have In Common?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 22, 2009

jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay are all documented and investigated eBay Fake Flash Sellers. What do these sellers have in common? Are you interested? Curious? This article is not going to be pleasant for some to read.

An item offered for sale by jinyu_zheng.


An item offered for sale by dai_xinyu.


An item offered for sale by zhujunpeibay.


jinyu_zheng described as – 16GB usb 2.0 Flash Drive 16G Memory Pen Stick THUMB PI
dai_xinyu described as – 16GB usb 2.0 Flash Drive 16G Memory Pen Stick THUMB PI
zhujunpeibay described as – 16GB Flash Drive Memory Pen Stick THUMB usb 2.0 16G PI

jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay all use the insidious Private Auctions
jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay are all eBay registered in China

Ebay entry MM/DD/YYY:

jinyu_zheng 9/19/2008
dai_xinyu 9/18/2008
zhujunpeibay 10/4/2008

Between them 11 counterfeits have been investigates and confirmed. Due to the nature of private auctions all three sellers are still active at the moment. Together they have unleashed 4200+ fake flash usb drives.

What are your conclusions?

Feel free to do your own research, but because the listings are private you will have a challenge on your hands. SOSFakeFlash found cracking private auctions difficult – once. It is not so difficult now. It simply takes longer to detect these sellers allowing them to sell fake flash longer and harm more people with data loss.

No one yet understands why eBay permits such auctions and why they don’t have anyone on patrol for them.

eBay does seem to have time to make life miserable for those who report fake flash listings. They do have time to try and stop the information getting out and they also seem to have the time to erase evidence of the issue.

All of us working on the Project have questions. So do the victims of fake flash.

1. What about the 4200+ victims of these fake flash devices sold under the three id’s?
2. Exactly how much effort is eBay investing to warn them about pending data loss?
3. Will eBay and Pay pal continue to cover the backs of fake flash sellers?
4. Will both try to continue to deny the issue? Hope it will disappear?

Everyone would LOVE FOR THE ISSUE TO DISAPPEAR! Unfortunately what we see is that the “Issue” has been quietly swept under the rug since 2003. True, according to those who tried to warn both eBay and PayPal and those who have fought with both to try and get a refund – the opinion is they have a very low IQ. But if these companies are “smart” enough to make money they should have the intelligence to address the problem. They should also demonstrate integrity. Does the pursuit of profit make people spineless?

There are just too many comments at the SOSFakeFlash site that make the following very clear:

1) eBay has only one interest – sell. Their enhanced buyer experience is a shame.
2) PayPal’s buyer protection is non existent.

Sadly what these companys have promoted is not true. It is spin. It reminds this person of flying. In every flight there is a safety lesson and a reminder about one’s cushion being a “floatation device”. There is also the famous life jackets. What is never said is just how many aeroplanes have landed safely on water. There are only two documented cases in history where anyone ever survived on open seas and definitely not all the passengers did. Mine you, it calms people for the flight. So both eBay and PayPal carry out their “spin” hoping to calm the buyer.

For people who buy flash devices on eBay, most of you will data crash. And if you purchased in a private auction it is almost guaranteed.


2 Responses to “What Do eBay Fake Flash Sellers jinyu_zheng, dai_xinyu, zhujunpeibay Have In Common?”

  1. Mike Watkins said

    Recently bought 16Gb Flash drive from Ebay seller zhujunpeibay, Identical to one pictured in article. Turned out to be fake really 2Gb. Contacted seller, informed that they were having a problem with their supplier. I received a full refund and kept the flash drive. I have since noticed that although still registered on ebay, this seller no longer has any items for sale. Luckily i managed to repair and now have a 2Gb drive for free.

  2. Steve Hill said

    To Mike Watkins,

    how did you manage to repair the drive? What software did you use?


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