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Guide On Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Published by FakeFlashNews

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 9, 2009

You can now buy a genuine super sized fake Sony Micro Vault drive on eBay! FakeFlashNews has just published a Guide to help you. In Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Available on eBay! you will learn about the latest seller discovered on eBay – lozzy_17, Sony Electronics Warning and Help, where to find the real models produced by Sony – even historical background on Alerts to Fake Sony Flash drives. It includes the 16 report written by BJ Gleason, one of the most detailed story studies ever done back in 2005!

To read click here: Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Available on eBay! It was written by TechReporters and information received from Zahid at SOSFakeFlash.

Update April 30th, 2009. There is now a very detailed list of Sony fakes available at this site: scroll down on the left menu to Sony to get a all the models found so far!


19 Responses to “Guide On Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Published by FakeFlashNews”

  1. mike said

    you cannot nuy high capacity drives on ebay anymore sony has noticed and sellers have been suspended for selling these items..
    the only problem i have with this is i have tried out one these 64GB flash fake drives and i have to tell you they are better than sony drives anyday of the year! pretty sad statement when larger companies like sony can’t deliver but we all no that the fakes are mass produced in china..there quality is unmatched..if the package says 500GB thats is exactly what it is..come major companies shape up or ship out..

  2. Mark said

    I have to agree with Mike.. I had no idea these were fake and I bought one off ebay just a few days back. I works great and I have tested it to capacity.. I dont see any data loss. I probably would not have bought it if I knew it was fake but it doubles the disk space on my Lenovo X300 and now that I have it I would not do without it.

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  4. TechChips said


    You need to see this.

    The article and video will explain a few things. Do you know what the key factor is that determines if you bought a fake?

  5. NA said

    Fact; If it says, 360gb it is positively a fake even if it says kingston on the packaging. Fact: Many fake drives are sold on ebay which may work but are less than the show capicity. For example, a chip may say that a drive is 128gb but it reality it may only be 4gb. Buyers beware. Also chances are others in this form sell this bootleg sticks and that it why they are defending them!

  6. Kevin said

    Yup, I bought one of these drives on a recent trip to China. The sales guy even demonstrated the device by performing a write operation to the memory stick. Problem is that he only wrote a couple of small files. Everything looked OK. Files even verified, memory reduced correctly, and I thought it was OK. How wrong I was. Got home and decided to copy some work files to the memory stick (plus minus 5Gb). That’s when I started to see a lot of failures. The memory stick has constant failures after 4Gb has been written. I then thought I had bought a very expensive 4Gb memory stick. Again wrong, the files stored on the first 4Gb are totally unreliable. Some read OK, but many fail. So now I have really expensive 64Gb dummy memory stick that can be used as a visual sample. Anyone want a photo of this? Might be able to make some money back but selling photos of it 🙂

  7. Dectective7 said

    There must be a lot of sony counterfeits for this old article to be so popular.

    What is Sony doing about the issue? Kingston Technologies is being very aggressive to fight the fraud.

  8. Ken said

    Just got burned by several Singapore, AND USA dealers who I bought either Sony, Vio, or Made in Japan 64GB flash drives. One was even identified as being a KINGSTON drive! One seller also had a 240GB drive included with a 64GB purchase. This one was totally bad!! All the rest failed in either write mode or compare/read mode, ranging from 3GB up to about 38GB. Now I will have to contact Pay Pal and file complaints against SEVEN sellers!! Wish I was more aware of this counterfiet issue before wasting about $500 so far. They were all intended to be Christmas presents. To make sure, I used three different computers, with 3 different write, read, compare programs, plus a flash drive format utility program offered by HP. Now its over to PP and file several complaints. I just hope that eBay pulls all these crooks off their site so no one else gets stuck with JUNK! A few of the 64GB drives took about 20 hours just to write the data!

  9. WaveGuide said

    EBay/PayPal are making a lot of easy money through these scams and don’t have much incentive to stop them. It’s March 2010 now and eBay is still awash with these fakes. I bought a Sony 64Gb before I knew anything about the problem. I filed a complaint and PayPal put as many obstacles in my way as possible. They aren’t interested in refunding customers who’ve lost money. They get a better deal by allowing the scams to run. They want you to send documentation on the sale/transaction. They already have access to all this, but you must do it all again the hard way. After emailing screengrabs of the eBay advert/PayPal Transaction etc, etc, they insisted I returned the item to China using a trackable service, all at my expense. I used the only service which runs to China (signed receipt), but that didn’t suit PayPal. They require proof of delivery, which isn’t possible from the UK at reasonable cost. So they closed my case. I lost my claim and it cost me half as much again to send it back. Forget PayPal, the scammers friend.

  10. kanemack said

    i got my fake sony flash drive in the mail today. checks out at 63.9 gb which is correct with a format on it. loaded files onto it seemed faster than my legit 4 gb from best buy. the whole time i was waiting for it to come from china, i was reading articles that were less than flattering about these drives. hate to be the one who says it but if you think your getting a drive that you can put your whole life into for 20 bucks, then you need to rethink. i personally will use the drive to put every old game(nes, genesis, n64 etc)and play on my hacked wii. it works like a charm for that.

  11. The_Flash said

    Out of curiousity, what size did your fake actually turn out to be, Kanemack?

  12. Ralph said

    I bought one. It seemed to be working fine but now it has stopped.
    I keep getting a message tht if is not formated. but when I go to format it it is unformatable???
    Any ideas??

  13. Conan said

    Just bought one of these without looking into anything, i never had an idea you could get “fake ones” it’s defo 64gb but i’m copying stuff over, unplugging it and then when plugging in back in, everything disappears except from the folders. ohwell.

  14. Elocat said

    I was given a 16GB Sony Vaio flash drive in a little leather case. Packaging looked legitimate. The client who gave it to me said it infected her computer with a virus. After many reformats I got it clean and working. But I’d rather spend a few extra $$$ and buy these cheap little things from a reputable source.

  15. The_Flash said

    @Conan – It’s definitely not 64GB, in that case. You can test it with a program called H2Testw ( ) to find out what the real size is.

  16. paul said

    i bought 5 64gb pens in leather case in january for myself and sum pals, only 1 of them could we manage to put any data on and that was only 8gb worth b4 it started failing, as a lot of u have discussed most of the problems with them i’m sure i dont need to repeat it all, i was lucky enuf to get my money back after openin a claim against the seller on ebay, but that was becoz i tested them all 1st then just said they did’nt get delivered, hope this helps sum of u get ur money back or stops u from buying 1 in the 1st place

  17. Stephanie said

    Please help:
    I bought a 32gb sony flash drive off ebay.
    I formatted it.
    The properties then showed it had just under 30Gb of space (even with the auto compression/decompression program removed).
    I tested it with h2testw and it passed with no errors.
    I just don’t understand why it has less only 30gb free with nothing on it? Is this still a fake though h2testw passed it?
    I bought this to store all of my childrens(ages 1 and 3) baby photos on and I certainly don’t want to lose them. Should I be concerned?

  18. InspectorTech said


    If the 32GB sony passed h2testw you are in the clear. There are several things to consider.

    1) Normally bad ‘sectors’ are locked out when formating, this is normal.

    2) There is an overhead in formatting, to set up the File allocation table (FAT), FAT32 most likely in your case.

    If you bought a genuine Sony, doubt it had any bad sectors locked out. It is most likely the overhead for the file system. The bigger the flash drive the larger the cluster size most likely. It’s normal.

    In simple non tech, think of it as the table of contents in a book. Information about a file is written to it, it’s name, size, date of creation, last modified time and so on. You need this system to see your files and folders and also for searches.

    The reason bigger flash drives have more overhead is because the cluster/sector size changes. It is bigger. In future if you store little files you will loss a lot of space because you don’t fill up the “box”. But if you have large files, you will actually do very well and actually use the “boxes” nicely and even have less fragmentation.

    For a little usb flash drive, say 2GB genuine capacity, it’s formatted size is not 2GB but will be 1.9GB. You lose a little for the file allocation table too. This is normal.

    You should do just fine storing the photos. However, you should also make sure that you have copies of the photos stored somewhere else too. Burn to a DVD, store on an external usb old fashioned hard disk as well.

    You should never have all your eggs in one basket. Not for data that is precious. More copies – better.

    USB flash drives are great for transport and sharing but not for archiving. That is, storing one and only files. USB Flash drives are generally mostly plastic. The flash storage chips are strong (same material using in RAM chips for computer memory), but the usb connectors can be flimsy. Some flash drives are known to survive a washing in the laundry.

    From your report, you got a genuine flash drive. I’d recommend buying an extra usb hard disk drive too, if you can afford it. Copy the files there too. Note, expect the formatted size to be a lot smaller than the stated size. A 320GB can shrink to 290GB when formatted, depending on the file system chosen.

    Most people I know copy photos to more than one storage device, just in case…..

  19. My son, studying in France went to china on his study trip to China sponsored Programme by Michelin tyres to study about the echo free tyres . He brought lots of gift items for all our family members and close friends. For me brought 2 nos. 64gb Sony vio flash drive. When I checked it in the computer it shows 64gb. But actually it is only 16gb. If you download 8gb data or songs balance shows 56gb. If you download 16gb it becomes full and total downloaded items 64gb. In fact it is only 16 instead of 64. Be aware to buy this things form any places other than reliable sources only. Paul New York.

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