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Notice SOSFakeFlash

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 21, 2008

1. New series of alerts are coming this week on eBay Fake Flash sellers. The eBay Fake Flash seller’s list will be updated.

2. A year end report on all models by seller will be published. A master report – all models on file for a fake flash seller caught is in progress – it will include investigated fakes and models sold that we don’t have a confirm on. The purpose of this second report is to help people match a drive they bought. Data may disappear on eBay but it does not with us. If victims report the information we need, we run to collect data before sellers or eBay attempt to erase it.

3. If you have received a fake, please report in using the “Report A Fake” Tab to make sure your seller and model makes it onto the list. We are delaying the next updates to give people a chance to report in.

4. Coming soon, more information and aritcles on the subject of fake flash. Stories from victims are planned. The technical issue of bits and bytes to understand capacity size will also be explained.

5. Reminder to people who are able to repair their fakes, please send your solutions so we can add to the fixfakeflash site.

6. Question: Is anyone interested to know how many countries have received fake flash drives? Which countries are reporting in to us? How many have been investigated by country? Let us know.  If you are interested please leave a comment – we will work  on an article with the information if there is an interest.

Language barriers are an obstacle but we have managed to collect information despite the problem. Our site provides translation into 34 languages. As odd as the translation might be, the message is being heard.

Please report with your fakes so we can provide the most current data. Catching and stopping fake flash sellers quickly means publishing while they are active!


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