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chaiching28 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Hong Kong

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 19, 2008

chaiching28 seller is an eBay seller of Counterfeit usb flash drives and MP Players. Operating from Hong Kong this seller has sold 1000’s of flash usb pendrives On October 2nd we had only one model investigated usb flash drive on file. As of December 18th, 2008 we now have six and an MP Player too! Please see this collection.

chaiching28 sells 16 GB and 32 GB flash drives and MP Players. This is a serious seller of fake flash devices. SOSFakeFlash has monitored his behavior for several months. eBay has done little. tly not listing them – a possible hit and run seller. The most recent listing spree was for over 330 drives.

  • December 18th 2008 – we have 30 eBay listings confirmed fake.
  • October 2nd 2008 – we have 2 eBay listings confirmed fake.

To see chaiching28’s negative feedback Click Here

These are the models sold under the eBay seller chaiching28. All are confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. If you bought one of these usb fake flash drives from chaiching28, you should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 . Do not store any important data or music on the flash devices until you can confirm you have the advertised capacity.

This are the flash items sold by chaiching28.

Should your drive not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on the drive to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:

Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller chaiching28
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:

on your correspondence.

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10 Responses to “chaiching28 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Hong Kong”

  1. mad teacher said

    I am currently in dispute with chaiching over item no 120307679149 a fake 32GB drive purchased on 22nd September. It has a metal casing and is attached to a keychain. Initially I made the mistake of communicating directly with the seller which wasted time. I opened a PayPal dispute on 8th October – here is my paypal dispute dialogue with chaiching to date:

    From Buyer
    08/10/2008 15:47 BST
    Another hacked flash drive by the look of things.

    requested a £24.01 GBP refund.
    08/10/2008 15:48 BST

    From Seller – Chai Ching Yip
    09/10/2008 03:27 BST
    pls dont worried, fristly can you detail tell me what’s wrong with the item? if you have any problem. we can provider good service
    we waitting for your news

    From Buyer
    09/10/2008 12:23 BST
    I already told you what’s wrong with it in previous messages via ebay. It appears that the information provided by the controller has been manipulated to report the drive as having a higher capacity than it actually has. If I were to use this drive I would end up with lost or corrupt data – this is shown by the test I ran on the drive. I have been informed that it may be illegal for me to return such a drive to you. Please refund My £24.01 immediately.

    From Seller – Chai Ching Yip
    10/10/2008 04:21 BST
    ok we agree you refund full to you , when we refund to you , can you not leave any negative feedback for us.ok?

    From Buyer – Helen Rose
    10/10/2008 09:21 BST
    Where is my refund?

    From Buyer – Helen Rose
    10/10/2008 12:10 BST
    It is now a week since I first asked for a refund on this fake item and I am still waiting. Providing a refund can be done in minutes, why have you not done so yet?

    From Seller – Chai Ching Yip
    11/10/2008 03:31 BST
    sorry bring so much trouble with you .we have sent last message to you , want to know when we refund full to you , can you not leave any negative feedback for us.ok? once sure about it , we must refund to you asap. pls understand


    From Buyer – Helen Rose
    11/10/2008 08:42 BST
    Enough of the blackmail – pay up immediatly or I will escalate to a PayPal claim.

    Other sellers who sent me fakes are:
    i.t.smart_electronic (item 270277700838)leather clad drive purchased 22/09/08 did pay up once I opened a paypal dispute without fighting to the bitter end.

    dengkimz (item 280270537677)- drive of swivel type shown above purchased 25/09/08 paid up fairly quickly once I opened a paypal dispute.

    onion.ginger (item 180292065716 branded Kingston) purchased 25/09/08 refunded immediately when told it was counterfeit. I have learned from other buyers that other models sold since are fake too and seller is wriggling out of refunding so may not be innocent (as I thought until yesterday) after all.

    top789988 (item 320303894378)swivel type as above purchased 25/09/08 refunded resonably quickly without a paypal dispute and told me to keep the drive.

    Interestingly the drives from i.t.smart_electronics and chaiching seem to have been dispatched by the exact same person in Hong Kong, though the return addresses they gave when the tried to get me to return the drives were different.

  2. mad teacher said

    There was an interesting detail I left out of the above which relates to one of the other sellers rather than chaiching28. The seller top89988 was obviously annoyed that, having obtained a refund reasonably quickly, I left negative feedback – obviously hoped I’d keep my mouth shut! I was accused in response to my feedback of damaging the drive. The seller also filed an unpaid item dispute to try and recoup seller fees:

    eBay 09-Oct-08 at 23:32:16 BST
    The Unpaid Item dispute has been closed for the following reason: Buyer rejected the transaction withdrawal.

    hmpr0121 09-Oct-08 at 23:32:16 BST
    Fake flash drive – so have not returned. Thought initially seller might not realise. Now fairly sure seller fraudulent. Seller gave refund today, presumably thinking I (like many victims) would leave positive feedback if given refund. Instead I tried to warn other buyers that the flash drive I bought was fake by giving negative feedback. The seller then accused me of damaging the drive in response. Do not refund. Throw fraudulent sellers off Ebay – otherwise trust will be lost.

    eBay 09-Oct-08 at 17:14:49 BST
    An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for the following item: 8GB USB 2.0 FLASH STICK PEN DRIVE MEMORY 8 GB NEW (#320303894378)
    Reason given for Unpaid Item: We have both agreed not to complete the transaction.
    Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer returned the item for a refund.

  3. mad teacher said

    Ebayer gets refunds on all fake flash drives thanks to sofakeflash and frankenflash!

    I have now won my dispute with chaiching28, so now have had refunds from all those who sold me fake flash drives. Communicating through the paypal dispute console, informing the Hong Kong police and copying them into any emails to the seller are vital tools. How that Paypal know that ebayers who bought fake drives are informing each other about the issue (and has accepted that we know what we are talking about) escalating to a claim could now be the key to dealing with sellers who do not refund immediately they have been informed that a drive is fake.

    Much of this I have learned from this website and the kind individuals involved in sofakeflash and frankenflash who I have had email contact with. Many thanks folks. As I had already been in email contact with the seller since at least 2nd October I escalated the dispute to a claim once the dispute had been going for 4 days.

    I had an email from the seller shortly after the dispute closed today (Tuesday 14th October) and have responded to it. I thought that people viewing this might be interested in seeing the final part of my email correspondence with this seller. I will add this as a separate posting. I intend (if I can) to pursue this a lot further so that those who initiated this fraud (always bear in mind that this may not be the person who sold you a fake drive) are arrested, tried in court and jailed.

    If I’d bought in buld from one of these sellers for my students the consequences are unthinkable. Loss of data could have led to all the hard work the students put in counting for nothing and them failing their courses. HORRIFIC! Their failure would also have lead to me being rated as a bad teacher – but that’s insignificant in comparison.

    I am furious that this has not been stopped before now and am determined (time and energy allowing) to pursue this to the bitter end as quickly as possible. I have already made it known to various authorities that I am more than willing to stand up in a court of law and give evidence. I have tried hard to keep every scrap of evidence I can and have the bit between my Teeth!

    Good luck to all those still fighting for a refund – don’t give up – read all the advice here, ask for further help from fellow ebayers if you need it – and fight to the end! If everyone does this maybe we can rid Ebay, if not the world, of these fraudsters entirely.

  4. mad teacher said

    Here is the email I sent to chaiching28 today (14th October 2008) after the paypal dispute was closed in response to the email from him/her/them shown below it.


    To: “ching chai”

    If you genuinely did not know then your supplier has defrauded you and you should report them immediately to the Hong Kong police – I have copied them into this reply so that they know to expect an email from you reporting your seller’s fraudulent action.

    You must also immediately remove all listings on Ebay for flash drives and stop sending them out to customers. You should then send messages to all those who have bought flash drives from you informing them that you have found out that they are fake. This message should also tell them that you will refund their money shortly and that they should destroy the flash drive once they have had a refund.

    Next, you must refund everyone who has bought a flash drive from you as soon as possible. I will be monitoring whether or not you do all this – If you do I, and possibly others who have left negative feedback, will leave follow up comments stating that you have done this.

    The email from chaiching28 this was in response to:

    ching chai wrote:
    thanks for ur kind letter.
    this is our mistake ,you know this is my first time to sell this kind of item on ebay,and because time is limit ,we did not examine every one of the sticks ,i did not know that the item actually have less memory until some kind buyer told me this.
    we have asked about the supplier about this ,they told me many some of the stick has the memory partially damaged.we have refund full to you ,pls check it . if you have any problem. pls email for us, we can provider good service, pls dont do that for us.

    (Email to Hong Kong police I CC’d to chaiching28 – seller’s email above is a response to this)

    2008/10/13 wrote:

    Dear Hong Kong Police,

    I have evidence of fraud by a seller known on Ebay as chaiching28. I hope to arrange for a contact with IT expertise who works at the headquarters of my local (Birmingham West Midlands UK) police force to examine a flash drive which I bought from this seller on 22/09/08 this week. No doubt it will be possible to arrange for his findings to be transmitted directly to yourselves.

    The flash drive, sold as 32GB, was an 8GB drive fraudulently manipulated to report a capacity of 32GB. At first I thought the seller might be unaware of this, now I am sure that the seller, chaiching 28, is well aware of it and is deliberately defrauding people. Please let me know what other evidence you require to help you deal with this fraudster.

    I have records of the original transaction, all the emails that passed between us and the paypal dispute I opened against this seller along with the original test results which made me aware that this was a fake flash drive. I will pass the original envelope in which it arrived to my contact in the local police. The address from which the drive was apparently sent is not the same as the one the seller asked me to return the drive to. No doubt at least one address is fake, if not both.

    Please advise me what I should do next.

    Many thanks,
    mad teacher

    I await further developments with interest! I won’t post information about developments on the legal front for obvious reasons. However I will report any remedial action by chaiching28 that I become aware of. The vigilant among those reading this can probably figure out how you could do this too and contribute to further findings about this seller.

    I think that those of us who are actively fighting ebay fraud need somewhere we can communicate to co-ordinate our efforts properly. This would help us avoid duplication and maximise our effectiveness. Maybe a closed Yahoo group or something similar would help?

  5. FakeStopper said

    Very interesting comments and communication you have there.

    I always have a suspicious feeling chaiching28 is the same person as itchee98. Alot of their drive are so much in comment.

    Mad teacher, can I ask if you put the return address of chaiching28 on this post?

    I would love to see the battle of fake drives end. I can tell you over the past 4~5 months of contacting ebayers and battling and helping ebayers, we have definitely made a progress. The number of 32Gb drive have gone down so much. Having said that, 16gb is still a lot, and that is something we will start tackling.

  6. mad teacher said

    The seller’s email address was visible to the police both in the header and in the body of the email above the message beginning hi friend thank you for your kind letter …

    I suspect that chaiching28 may be one and the same as electronic who also sold me a fake drive as the from stickers on the two packets was identical. Same address and both stamped with the name KEN.

  7. mad teacher said

    It might be an idea to add a picture of the drive I bought from chaiching28

  8. mad teacher said

    Is Ebay on the side of the fraudsters rather than innocent buyers?

    I, like many contributers to this site have been trying to warn other ebayers about fake flash drives – one way I’ve been doing this is by by sending a message to members who have bought from the same sellers as me.

    Ebay have obviously noticed that I am involved in the fake flash wars and are trying to put a stop to my activities and those of others who want to protect fellow ebayers from fraud. Today I tried to contact a member who bought a drive from chaiching28 on 22 September. My Message was not sent and I got the following alert:


    We have determined you are trying to contact an eBay member with whom you are not currently involved in an open transaction. For the protection of the eBay community, we sometimes block these types of communication. To prevent this occurrence from happening in the future, we recommend the following:

    If you are a seller, respond to all bidder questions before the auction ends.

    If you are trying to contact the seller of an item that has not yet ended go to the item page and click the “Ask seller a question” link.

    If you are the winning buyer of an item go to your My eBay page under the items I’ve Won section. Click the action drop down menu and choose the “contact seller” action.

    If you are a seller trying to contact your winning buyer, go to My eBay and under the Items I’ve Sold section, click the action drop down menu. Choose the “contact buyer” action.

    Reply to seller/bidder through personal email provider (if the sender has not hidden their email address).

    Thank you for your understanding.


    A few days ago Ebay took down listings I put up to warn others saying that they broke ebay rules. Selling fakes not only breaks Ebay rules it breaks the law yet chaiching28 is still being allowed to list fake drives.

    I know Ebay are also targeting others – they sent me the following about a message someone sent me last week warning me that the drive I bought chaiching28 might be fake:


    Dear hmpr0121,

    We’d like to let you know that an email you received recently from xxxxxxxxxx may be untrustworthy. We encourage you to be cautious about emails from this member and we recommend that you don’t respond to any further communication from them.

    Our records indicate that you recently sent an email to, or received an email from this member through the eBay email system (e.g. via “Ask Seller a Question” or “Contact eBay Member”).

    Sometimes people misuse eBay accounts by sending emails inviting you to buy or sell outside of eBay. They may also send questions unrelated to eBay–hoping that you will respond so that they can obtain your email address.

    If someone asks you to buy or sell an item outside of the eBay platform, we strongly recommend that you ignore the request. Off-eBay transactions are not protected by our Feedback system and protection services. To find out more, copy this link into a new browser window:

    Recognising genuine Second Chance Offers

    A Second Chance Offer always receives a new item number and is shown in My eBay. To accept a genuine Second Chance Offer you must log in to My eBay and complete the purchase on the eBay website. If you can’t find the offer in the Buying section of My eBay, it’s not valid.

    Protect yourself from email scams and fraud

    Always complete your purchases on the eBay website–it’s the safest way to trade with other eBay members. Always make sure that your User ID is listed as the winning bidder on the “Item ended” page before sending money for a purchase. Please report anyone who asks you to buy or sell outside eBay to Customer Support.

    If you’ve sent payment for an item but haven’t received it, please let us know by clicking “Contact Us” on any eBay Help page and selecting the following contact options:
    Buying and Finding > Problems with a seller or purchase > You paid for an item but never received it

    For additional information about buying and selling safely on eBay, visit our Safety Centre by copying this link into a new browser window:

    As always, our goal is to keep eBay a safe and reputable place to buy and sell. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    eBay Trust & Safety


    Excellent work, Ebay.

  9. kittyfireflash said

    The message you received is not an attempt to freeze your attempts at contact or to prevent you from sharing your “Buyer Experience”.

    eBay introduced a number of measures last spring to “Protect” buyers from being spammed or receiving unsolicited emails.

    One measure is to hide all id’s that bid on an item and lost. Previously these people would receive second chance offers from other sellers of the same merchandise – at the price of their final losing bid.

    Another measure was to introduce a limit on the number of people an eBayer could contact daily. The limit is currently 5. This would prevent mass emailing attacks on people who bid for a particular item type.

    The message you received is based on a random assignment against an id. It changes. You could probably contact that person in about a month from now. Or a person based in a different geographical ebay region might be able to actually contact the id you were blocked from contacting. The purpose is to check people who might be engaged in the activities just mentioned. You have two choices:

    A) have an ebay member based in a different geographical region attempt to contact the id.

    B) Skip the id and move on to the next, keeping within your 5 a day allowance. In remaining in your allowance you should always do your contacts at the same time of day plus 10 minutes.

    It is in the eBay rules that all members have the RIGHT to share and trade their buying experiences. eBay would not be a place to consider shopping if this was not permitted.

    It is unfortunate and sad that the rules implimented to protect eBayers is actually working against eBayers in the case of counterfeit flash drives. Instead of “Protecting” members, it is harming and exposing them to the consequences of what fake flash does – permanent data loss of precious files. It is a like a policeman wagging a finger at a fireman – warning that he is entitled to save 5 people from a burning building and not a person more and then only 5 each day…. And as your message shows, some people are flagged so they can not be rescued from the fake flash flames, even if you are in your 5 a day quota.

    It is for this reason, MANY PEOPLE are NEEDED to work on the fake flash war on eBay. It can not be done by just a few people, there are just too many fake flash listings.

    Anyone who reads this comment, if you are a victim of fake flash and if you find or found this site helpful – do your part. Seek out at least five people who bought the same drive from the fraudster seller you bought from and warn them to test their drives. Many people who have been warned by fake flash angels have done this – and as a result more people have been saved from the consequences of fake flash.

    We need all victims to participate. That is how the listings from fake flash have decreased since May 2008! To save another person is how anyone can HELP! It is how we grew and why the listings are going down.

    eBayers can and do make a difference. Every person counts!

  10. mad teacher said

    Thanks Kittyfireflash,

    I’m relatively new to Ebay – only joined in July (though I know quite a bit about technology, the Internet, the media and various other things) and don’t understand everything about their rules which do seem to be working against getting rid of fraudsters.

    I feel really sorry not to have been able to contact the buyer I couldn’t contact today – apparently a lovely elderly gent in Belgium. I didn’t try contacting anyone else after that as I thought Ebay was blocking all unsolicited contact now.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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