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16GB Fake Flash Drives Being Dumped On eBay With Alarming Speed

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 6, 2008

16GB unbranded fake (false capacity drives) are being unloaded on unsuspecting buyers as eBay fake flash drive sellers struggle to continue their profitable selling. The FrankenFlash Project has actively been fighting to have them removed from eBay. Our sites are now receiving incoming traffic from the Orient as our addresses have being posted in forums there. We suspect there are many victims in the Orient. But there are also fake flash sellers having been caught and removed as a result of our efforts trying to find out more about us. After all eBay was their fake flash selling heaven, until recently that is. Your efforts in reporting fake flash sellers is making a serious difference!

SOSFakeFlash has been monitoring trends in reported fake flash listings to us. The result indicate that sellers are switching to lower advertised capacity fakes.

FakeFlashNews interviewed SOSFakeFlash today on the current problem. To learn more about the warning and why no one should bid or buy on a 16GB Flash drive on eBay right now see:

16GB Flash Memory Thumb Pen Stick eBay Bargains SOSFakeFlash Issues Warning

You will find the information both interesting and also disturbing.


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