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SOSFakeFlash News 20081127

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 28, 2008

SOSFakeFlash is pleased to announce that new fake flash sellers on eBay identified and reported by victims will be released by November 30th, 2008. There are quiet a few sellers involved and the alerts will be published over several days.

If you have been a victim and would like to report in, please provide the necessary information outlined in the “Report A Fake Tab” at

You must provide the information 1-4. We will not enter into evidence incomplete information, sellers are considered “innocent” until there is proof of guilt. Any information published at this site has proof. We don’t make idle claims. We are experiencing a high volume of requests for information and assistence and can not do follow up on incomplete information submitted for the next three weeks. If you have a seller you would like to report and to warn other buyers, please provide the information 1-4 as outlined.

We ask that you exercise extreme caution in bidding on any flash devices on eBay during the holiday season. Beware of bargains, do your homework – take the Flash 101 and 102 education courses offered at this site. Depending on your country – there are many sales occuring at local retail stores, do to the current economic confusions. You could easily get a true capacity drive locally at the same price or cheaper from a reputable store and avoid the horrible nightmare of fake flash woes and data loss.


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