Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

SOSFakeFlash Website Traffic Grows – Demand For Help On Fake Flash Devices Indicates Global Problem On Fake Flash Plague Escalating

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 19, 2008

SOSFakeFlash has been investigating and fighting the issue of Fake Flash devices such as USB Pendrives, Memory Cards and MP Players since May 2008. Carefully documenting counterfeits, warning people to test their drives before storing important information to avoid data loss – volenteers struggle to cope with the load. The problem is MUCH bigger then originally thought – spanning the Globe. Help is needed as we continue to dig into the depths of this nightmare.

The biggest struggle has been on eBay, the number of documented eBay Fake Flash Sellers has now reached 118, only a fraction of the true number of counterfeit selllers. The FrankenFlash Project is very strict on gathering evidence that can be supported. Currently 227 drive model listings have been catologued. We thank all who report new listings at by visiting the “Report A Fake” Tab and following the instructions to send in evidence.

We encourage all victims to report in.

The Battle exists not only with the fake flash sellers on eBay but with eBay and PayPal too. So many members have received ill treatment. SOSFakeFlash is currently the process of investigating direct harrasment of an eBayer who “Shared His Buying Experience” – the right of every member to do so. More details will be published soon.

In the mean time we urge those running independent fake flash angel mission to operate with sleath – as our founding members have.

  1. Avoid putting direct Http addresses in your ebay messages
  2. Respect the 5 a day limit
  3. Unhide your email address when sending the message.
  4. Do Not be directly accusatory – simply state the facts. You bought a XXGB drive and your testing showed it was 1/4 XXGB instead. They should test to ensure they do not loss data. If they need help to contact you. You can mention the testing program.

SOSFakeFlash operated in secret for 4 months collecting information quitely – undetected while we built the evidence. We are only 2.5 months old on the internet and we are struggling to keep up with the demand. As a result we are expanding our internet presence and ask patience – all current members are volenteers. We face challenges as this subject is explosive. Many want us Gone! You can guess why…

We also have reports that fake flash is now showing up for sale on eBay in the United States and also the United Kingdom and is being offered for sale by local eBay sellers. A quick inspection reveals much. While the issue is being addressed in the Orient – there is a reason why it is now appearing in these countries once more. It takes take for merchandise to travel around the world, by ship. It makes it’s way slowly through the chain of distributors, to wholesalers and suppliers. Finally to be sold in many cases to unsuspecting merchants and prices just too good to resist. If you have bought on ebay from a seller in these regions and discover you have a fake, we ask that you use the tool:

just type in the sellers id to see what comes up. Research the volume of sale for the seller. Hugh? Small? In a short period of time? Not listing now (sign of dump and hide)? Still listing. If you see little evidence of foul doings

Contact the seller directly with your evidence

Point them to the SOSFakeFlashSite

Contact some buyers who bought the same drive as you and urge them to test

Also please read:

We believe in being fair. Innocent until proven Guilty. If Guilty, the behavior of the seller matters – in determining the actions to be taken. Many deserve no mercy, but some do. Some have worked on this mission – after refunding all of their buyers.

We hope to have more information on sellers caught with Fake Flash in these regions in the coming weeks and ask you to test your drives if you bought one from those countries on eBay. Please report into us if you have found a fake. It is urgent we get information out to the public. In some cases they are the first generation wave of new higher capacity fakes that appeared in late November 2007 through May 2008, but some are the second wave, more sexy in appearance and packaging thought their capacity is not any higher (1GB ~ 8GB).

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