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SOSFakeFlash News 20081115

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 15, 2008

An update to the fake flash sellers will be posted very soon. If you have a fake and have identified a seller, please use “Report A Fake” to get the information to us in time to make it to the new list.

We are working on a receipy list for repaired fake flash drives. Trying to repair a drive is very difficult – it is finding the right tools and following the correct steps. It appears that the best solution will be to publish by model, seller – with a photo of the Frankenflash drive.

If you have repaired such a drive, we need to hear from you! See the details we need…

Please send Info to

1) ebay item number

2) ebay seller

3) ebayer id

4) test results (if you have them – the advertised size, the repaired size)

5) VID

6) PID

7) Software Tool used to repair (url location for download if possible)

8) Steps you took to repair the drive

If you suceeded – you know just how difficult your quest was. Please share your results so that others don’t go through your agony.  Let’s try to get the fake flash drives back to their innocents and hopefully – being useful to store data once more!


One Response to “SOSFakeFlash News 20081115”

  1. inspectortech said

    Call For info!

    Anybody who managed to fix a fake – if you can send the info we will make a post. We are currently slaving over a “Hot Internet Stove” to prepare a new site.

    The first goal of the site will be to provide – quick solutions – based on sucess stories, but for a particular item. Not generic. We have debated a lot – it seems like a good idea to publish – fixes, one by one.

    Most of us are not super tech, but we can follow instructions.

    Think of your Granny – she was born before computers, DVD’s and travelled by steam ship to cross an ocean.

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