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szeho663 eBay Fake Flash Seller Returns To Fraud More eBayers

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 10, 2008

szeho663 known as the “Great Grand Daddy of Fake Flash” selling on eBay, has returned to fraud buyers once more. szeho663’s suspension on eBay did not last long. A tap on the wrist will not do, eBay! As a result, this fake flash seller returned to fraud more eBayers in Mid October 2008 to November 1st 2008 – selling exactly the same drives the FrankenFlash Project investigated and documented as being fake (20 confirmed by October 5th, 2008). eBay received many reports – and phone calls about this seller. PayPal also has plenty of disputes on file. Both demonstrated how they are unable or unwilling to stop the sale of fake flash devices. That the “Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash – szeho663” out foxed them speaks for itself.

Anyone who bought a flash device recently from szeho663 is at risk of data loss – please test your flash device immediately! Read this article. If you wish to review our claims – on szeho663 and judge for yourself on how well eBay and PayPal are doing on addressing counterfeit flash devices you will not want to miss reading more.

We don’t make idle claims – our groups research and document – this is mandatory. We do not believe in witch hunts. Our sites show we are serious in our work – to get rid of fake flash devices where ever they appear for sale. Just too many people have suffered the consequences.

To see szeho663‘s negative feedback Please Click Here

We first published an article on the internet on September 1, 2008 to warn people about szeho663. We asked the grand daddy of fake flash to retire! He did not. The profits to be made from selling fake flash are just to tempting. It is easy money. It is good money.

szeho663 – The Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash Drives On eBay
Posted on September 1, 2008

The victims of szeho663 tried to do something. It led to a temporary “suspension” – It did not last very long and it is clear eBay and Paypal are lacking in their investigative skills. Or do powersellers rule over them? This is a good question we would like answered. Who is the boss? The profit that all three collect? Or do they lack the resources needed to ensure that buyers are truely protected as they would have us believe?

If you bought a drive from this seller you need to read the next article! Also if your device fails testing please contact us (See Report a Fake Tab) to enter into evidence for the record. You will also find more background information to on szeho663.

szeho663 – eBay Seller Of Fake Flash – Under Investigation By eBay
Posted on September 20, 2008

Currently szeho663 is not listing.

We have observed a change in behavior for fake flash sellers on eBay. szeho663 formerly a traditional seller, has adopted the new tactics of other fake flash sellers. Dump and Hide . This is a new approach and it makes it much more difficult for eBay to detect. These sellers generate listings for fake flash in incredible numbers over a very short period of time, then they stop listing.

The new search experience on eBay is designed to hide what a seller sold. How? It limits the search to the last 15 days for sold items. This makes it difficult for an average member to research what a seller sold – so important for counterfeit flash sellers to be found out. A flaw, merrily being exploited after careful study by these fraudsters. Never underestimate them, they are extremely clever.

Fake flash sellers are doing a lot of damage. To the buyers of fake flash devices who lose data, to the reputation of genuine manufacturers of flash chips see:

Counterfeit Flash Products Found in China – Report.

and they are driving away members from eBay and Paypal. They are also destroying China’s reputation on the international market for flash chips and finished products (usb flash drives, MP Players, memory cards).

eBay fake flash seller, szeho663 is a perfect example. For the record to support our claims that he has once more returned to listing the drives he previously sold SOSFfakeflash has on file see one of the ebay item numbers: 160295157805

And for historical evidence to support what we are claiming:


To see the reports of documented fakes, for this seller and others please go to the categories section, Reports – eBay to review what we have on file. The mug shot reports will show you the exact model listings – exactly as they were sold.

Troubling questions.

Many attempts were made to warn eBay and PayPal about szeho663. Nothing was done. The people who bought these fake flash drives…eBay and PayPal knows who they are. Why have they not been contacted and warned not to use these devices? Why have they not been automatically refunding buyers? Why do both try to continue to sweep the evidence under the rug? Fake Flash is not harmless. It is not simply about loosing money from a purchase, money can always be earned anew. This is about theft, damage that many people will never recover from, traumatized by the data loss – files that can never be replaced, ever.

Allowing the sale of Fake Flash to continue is equivelent to allowing poison to be sold. Data is poisoned – killed. While in some cases individuals, companies and government organizations (yes, they have suffered data loss too) can reconstruct what was lost, too many can’t. Even when it is possible to reconstruct – the manhours involved… And for those who can not recover what they have lost? All for money? For fees? As we have said before – if eBay and PayPal can not control the issue – the solution is simple, ban the sale of ANY flash devices on eBay. Period. These companies need to take ownership for the problem. They also have a duty to refund buyers of these fake flash devices and to warn buyers who bought from a fake flash seller found out. The issue now seems to date back to 2003 and not 2005 . Just how long does it take to address?

Is profit from the sale of fake flash devices THAT ADDICTING?

What is your view?


3 Responses to “szeho663 eBay Fake Flash Seller Returns To Fraud More eBayers”

  1. FakeStopper said

    For those who have brought from this seller or any other seller on ebay, click on the link “report this item” at the bottom of the page. The more people that report, the likely chances ebay will wake up and suspense listing from this seller.

    So I suggest to everyone, go to your listing which you brought and it fake, click on “report this item”, select “fraudulent listing” and select the list from there.

    So the more people to report the item the higher chances the seller will be stop!

  2. Mary B said

    I clicked on the negative for szeho663, but a different seller name comes up.

    Something wrong with your tool.

  3. centralshow said

    No it is not a mistake, the seller has tried to evade by a name change. They do that sometimes on ebay.

    Try searching for szeho663 on ebay and you will not find. Sneaky isn’t it?

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