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szeho663 eBay Fake Flash Seller Returns To Fraud More eBayers

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 10, 2008

szeho663 known as the “Great Grand Daddy of Fake Flash” selling on eBay, has returned to fraud buyers once more. szeho663’s suspension on eBay did not last long. A tap on the wrist will not do, eBay! As a result, this fake flash seller returned to fraud more eBayers in Mid October 2008 to November 1st 2008 – selling exactly the same drives the FrankenFlash Project investigated and documented as being fake (20 confirmed by October 5th, 2008). eBay received many reports – and phone calls about this seller. PayPal also has plenty of disputes on file. Both demonstrated how they are unable or unwilling to stop the sale of fake flash devices. That the “Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash – szeho663” out foxed them speaks for itself.

Anyone who bought a flash device recently from szeho663 is at risk of data loss – please test your flash device immediately! Read this article. If you wish to review our claims – on szeho663 and judge for yourself on how well eBay and PayPal are doing on addressing counterfeit flash devices you will not want to miss reading more.

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