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Ebay Fake Flash Guides – PayPal – Attempts to Silence the Truth

Posted by KittyFireFlash on November 2, 2008

The FrankenFlash Project, eBayers Against False Capacity Flash and SOSFakeFlash have been investigating the fake flash issue since May 2008. Attempts are being make to shut down the project as we are getting too close to the truth. We have the information everyone is searching for and needs.

At the end of August 2008 – we launched our first public site at It is called SOSFakeFlash. In less then two months there have been over 20,000 hits. We have shut down sellers on ebay. We have forced PayPal to begin responding. Everyone is trying to deny that a problem exists. We publish a list of fake flash sellers and the fakes we have investigated.

We struggle to keep up with the volume of email we receive. There are so many victims of fake flash devices.It is foolish for eBay or PayPal to assume that this is how we get all our information or to think that this is the only way we get the message out.

We are well aware that eBay and Paypal are trying to avoid the issues and sweep things under the rug. After all they want to keep their profits and avoid any new class action suits. Both are facing expensive lawsuits and the consequences of having to pay out millions for other things they have been convicted of having lost in the courts of law. They have made the lives of eBayers a misery. They have done anything and everything they could to avoid the issue.

To all readers and victims of fake flash – particularily on eBay – beware that these two Global companies have managed to pressure and as a result many of the search tags designed to help you find us are showing up as not having information. Obviously neither PayPay or eBay want you to find us.

This is very disturbing. It means that they are desperate and are doing all they can they can to hide from the issue. Considering the money they have earned since 2005 from the sale of fake flash – counterfeit devices it is easy to understand why. For the first time people have organized to do something about it. In April 2008, you could easily find 37,000 lists a day, now about 7,000 are seen outside of eBay stores. Currently fake flash sellers are engaging in hit and run operations, dumping fakes at alarming speed often as many as 1500+ in a two week period, then crawling into dormant mode. eBay is making it difficult to find completed listings, but the FrankenFlash project has tools currently available to dig them out.

We need everyone’s help to block attempts by eBay and PayPal to silence us – to silence your pleas for help, advice and justice.

The war on fake flash has just gotten nastier – but you can do your part to help fight back.

1.Make sure to leave negative feedback for a fake flash seller – put in your feedback!

If you left postive or did not do this, go back and do follow up to your orginal feedback.

2.Visit every forum you can find on flash devices and post the following addresses:

These are our public sites. By putting in our addresses they will be picked up by search engine robots.

3.Assist in getting the sites into:


You can see the tags on our post pages to add.

4.Subscribe with an RSS feed if you have a newer browser, you can do this for posts and for comments.

5.Find other blogs on the subject and contact them to let them now about us.

6.Contact the media

It is time to contact the media whether online newpapers, traditional ones, Radio or Television to let them know we exist and what we have found. Let them know about the sites and tell them your personal story and experiences as a fake flash victim. Particularily your “experience” with both eBay and PayPal.

7.Contact the Trade Boards and Centers for Criminal Investigation in your countries.

The issue of fake flash is real. The consequences to people who have suffered lost from these counterfeit devices has been devastating. Data gone forever. Memories stolen with photos and videos gone. It can not be replaced or reconstructed in many cases.

At to this, money lost. And being victimized once more by eBay and Paypal. So many people have tried to warn them for months, have tried to get fake flash sellers stopped. Have tried to get their money refunded. Both have tried everything to deny the problem and have made eBayers who stood up suffer. eBayers have written many emails, they have called Paypal and eBay repeatedly. Victims have discovered one thing – eBay and PayPal do not stand behind Buyer protection or improving Buyer satisfaction. Many have deregistered as members. Others make it a point to advise friends, family and anyone would will listen, not to buy on eBay or use Paypal. They are only happy to spead the word about what they have been through.

If you want our sites to help people, if you found them useful and if you want to stop the selling of fake flash devicesthis is you opportunity to help – to contribute in fighting these diabolical devices and those who profit from them. How did you feel when you discovered you had a fake? Let that be your motivation to help as it has been ours. All who work on the project are victims – we have made this effort for you because we care.

3 Responses to “Ebay Fake Flash Guides – PayPal – Attempts to Silence the Truth”

  1. FakeStopper said

    This is a shame for both Ebay and PayPal.

    From the fact that they are not doing a stop about this, to making innocent buyer a life time hell, to trying to block all evidence about their site and what illegal stuff they allow to sell on their site, can only indicate how much they are willing to go over the “illegal” issue to earning a profit!

    <blockquote cite =”what a shame ebay and PayPal! Encouraging illegal activities on your site indicate you a coward to face up to reality and stop the illegal activities! Do something about it, and WAKE UP to our calls! Don’t just hide behind the back and trying to hide all evidence!”

  2. rick said

    I just spoke to PayPal for the third time today. I explained that returning a counterfeit item using the Post Office is a crime. After being on hold for 5 minutes, the PayPal rep returned. “We have no way of knowing that the item is a fake.” I explained that I provided the SanDisk case number and eMail from SanDisk stating it was a counterfeit.

    “That still does not prove it is counterfeit.” OK, how do I prove it. “You can’t” OK, who can. “We work with the rights owner.” OK, so I know it’s counterfeit, the rights owner knows it counterfeit, you have been told it’s counterfeit. It’s against the law to return it. What do I do? “Return it to the seler if you want a refund.”

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Rick,

    Your comment had me both laughing and crying. They really need to hire people with an IQ higher than 5.

    The fact that proof from the genuine manufacturer of the brand name states it is a FAKE! can’t be any clearer. Did you report back to SanDisk with PayPal’s behavior? We would be very interested to know what they have to say on PayPal and eBay. We doubt they are happy with eBay allowing fake flash sellers – using their brand name and negatively impacting their reputation.

    We are busy answering emails and adding to the database for fakes.

    There is a difficult post to write and it needs a bit more research. Both eBay and PayPal have lost a lot of business, they aren’t getting a lot of new members and older ones are becoming inactive and leaving.

    Everyone has learned this “improved buyer experience” is a sham and “buyer protection” is a spin.

    It seems at the beginning of October eBay announced it was laying off 1200+ employee’s, about 10% of it’s workforce.


    In that article eBay says it has 2,000 employee’s who work full time on addressing the counterfeit issue. We suspect that is as fake as the flash drives these counterfeit sellers, sell!

    This site is a witness to the fact that both PayPal and eBay – have not addressed the issue.

    PayPal’s response to you – when you have given the evidence from SanDisk. We are starting to prepare a news site. You have an interesting article in the making.

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