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Fake Flash USB Drives – Ebay – Mug Shot Report To Help You Recognize The Fakes 20081021

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 22, 2008

Ebay USB flash drives how to spot the fakes fully revealed in their counterfeit glory.

See the USB drives sporting their counterfeit cloths. A Full report 98 eBay Sellers exposed, 190 drive models . This is the report everyone wants and for many eBayers wished they had before they bid on a counterfeit drive.

All the sellers on this list and all the drive models identified are counterfeits. In plainer English, FAKE!

You will find the report to download at the bottom of this article.

Can we support our claims?

Absolutely! We have all the evidence right down the the eBay Item number and the eBayer victim. For sellers on the list, if you don’t like being there, too bad. If you can prove to us that you have contacted each and every person who bought the drive model from you and can provide supporting evidence from both buyer and pay pal that you refunded in full, with shipping and handling, you can contact us to discuss removal. You have done enough harm and damage to others – it is time for it to end. Are there eBay sellers who have contacted buyers and refunded? Yes. There are sellers who have integrity caught up in fake flash drives.

The ones who refund and contact buyers are the victim sellers, they are not the fraudsters that need to be stopped.

Any drive on this list is a beacon. You can be 99% sure that the rest for the same listing are fake too. We have been able to prove this over and over again when we investigate a seller deeper. You can also search using the tool: Just type in the eBay Seller’s id and see what comes up. Many entries there are not part of our investigation. The only thing that is clear, eBayers are trying to warn each other. Often their warning get lost in the volume feedback of a sellers feedback. A great tool, if useful to you please consider donating to them. Note: A reprogammed drive is not a defective drive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the flash drive – only it’s size. It is not as big as the reprogamming of the controller chip says. A counterfeit drive. Fraud.


The Mug-Shot report is currently about 875KB, not quiet 1 MB but could take a while to download if you have dial-up internet.

One Response to “Fake Flash USB Drives – Ebay – Mug Shot Report To Help You Recognize The Fakes 20081021”

  1. kittyfireflash said

    We are preparing a new mugshot report. It should be out before the end of November for you to download.

    We are also programming a new kind of report. When a fake flash seller has been identified, we are going to produce a report of ALL MODELS, the seller sold we have on file. Not just the ones reported to us as fakes and investigated. The purpose is to help people identify drives. Just because we don’t have a drive model shown on an alert post does not mean the other ones sold by the seller are safe. It only means nobody has reported in with testing. Usually if one model is confirmed fake the rest are too. Also the other models as time goes by and we get more data, also end up being fake as well.

    Be on the look out for new reports at the end of this month. Keep up reporting fakes (see report a fake tab) to make sure it gets on the lists and reports. We can only issue these reports once a month – there is just too much data entry for us to do. It changes daily…

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