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Alert – rauch36 – epc*vauxhall – andis_sales34 -Ebay Fake Flash Seller – UK

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 5, 2008

eBay Fake Flash Seller epc*vauxhall has crawled back on eBay under a new id of rauch36. On September 15th, 2008 we published a story on a fake flash seller who sold between 320 to 720 fake flash drives In the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Fake Flash Sellers often try to hid under new id’s so they can’t be found. SOSFakeFlash is not letting him get away from eBayers desperately searching for this counterfeit flash drive seller and all the damage he has done.

The id history is as follows:

rauch36 28-Sep-08 Present
epc*vauxhall 30-Sep-07 28-Sep-08
andis_sales34 25-Jun-07 30-Sep-07

The orginal post began…

epc*vauxhall is a an ebay fake flash seller who targeted the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Based in the UK, epc*vauxhall sold many 32GB fake flash drives in a very short period of time. The listings rolled off the assembly line by the hour. Current estimates are between 320 to 720 drives. SOSFakeFlash is unable to review the completed listings due to the clever use of an asterik in the sellers name. It confuses the eBay search engine. The seller is not currently listing. These auctions continued to churn off the assembly line after August 18th, 2008, – despite the warning issued by an eBayer (code name – Teacup ).

To read all of the orignal post, click here

Why is SOSFakeFlash doing this? Ask the victims of this seller. Ask about data they lost. Ask about the money they lost. Ask about their difficulty finding him…

Sorry rauch36 aka epc*vauxhall aka andis_sales34, you haven’t proven that you contacted every single victim buyer, apologized and given them full refunds including the shipping costs. Instead you are trying to disown your evil fake flash deeds. It only demonstrates your guilt and that you do not care about others – only yourself and your profit.

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