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Fake Flash – New Articles September 2008

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 22, 2008

Here are the new titles on fake Flash Published by FrankenFlash Project, SOS FakeFlash and Ebayers Against False Capacity Drives. Please use for quick access to information.

Many posts are coming out as we are escalate in the battle against fake flash. eBayers in refund groups need quick access to information. Others are researching the subject. Fake Flash victims pouring into the new site are desperate to understand their misfortune and find information.

To assist everyone we have prepared an easy to read list of what we published at a glance. Use the Post Calandar, by clicking on the corresponding date to help you find the information you might need quickly. You can use the search box too.

It has been a busy month for us all, here is a list in most recent to earliest for you to search on this site. We will be updating this list to make things easier for all.

September 20, 2008

  • szeho663 – eBay Seller Of Fake Flash – Under Investigation By eBay
  • eBay Fake Flash Sellers Negative And Neutral Feedback – 20080920

September 19, 2008

  • Hong Kong Fake Flash eBay Sellers – How To Get PayPal Refunds
  • Fake Flash USB Drives – Ebay – Mug Shot Report To Help You Recognize The Fakes 20080919

September 15, 2008

  • Paypal Disputes – The 6 Commandments For Dealing with Ebay Fake Flash Sellers
  • Alert – epc*vauxhall – Ebay Fake Flash Seller – UK
  • Kaho.Chan – eBay Fake Flash Seller – Tricks eBayer

September 14, 2008

  • PayPal Shields EBay Fake Flash Seller 3ToTrade – Odyssey of FlashDad
  • PayPal Shields EBay Fake Flash Seller 3ToTrade – Odyssey of IronCliff
  • Whatcools – eBay Fake Flash Seller – Lies And Deception

September 6, 2008

  • Sinister Counterfeit Connection – Fake Flash Drive Ring On eBay
  • 3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On Ebay
  • 3ToTrade – Don Of Fake USB Flash Drives In The Orient
  • Whatcools Ebay Fake Flash Seller Controlled by 3ToTrade
  • Shopwithmela eBay Fake Flash Seller Controlled by 3ToTrade

September 5, 2008

  • kaho.chan Ebay Fake Flash Seller Controlled by 3ToTrade

September 4, 2008

  • How Fraudulent Sellers Stay One Step Ahead Of Ebay and PayPal
  • eBayers Pound PayPal Doors For Help Against Fake Flash Seller 3ToTrade
  • PayPal – Reasons To File Dispute For Counterfeit Flash Drives Purchased On eBay
  • PayPal – How Investigations On Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Sellers On Ebay Could Be Raised
  • 3ToTrade – Communication with The Don Of Fake Flash – HarryEvidence
  • eBay Not Responding To Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Warnings From eBayers
  • zamanshop – eBay Seller Of Fake Flash Removed From eBay
  • What is This Fake Flash All About?

September 3, 2008

  • Fake Flash Sellers eBay Report 20080902
  • Fake Flash USB Drives – Ebay – Mug Shot Report To Help You Recognize The Fakes 20080902
  • Fake Flash Sellers Stopped eBay Report 20080902

September 2, 2008

  • H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

September 1, 2008

  • szeho663 – The Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash Drives On eBay

August 30th, 2008

  • Buying Flash Drives On eBay – How To Protect Yourself
August 29th, 2008
  • eBay Sellers Can Be Victims – How Does This Happen?
  • 3ToTrade – The Battle Continues

2 Responses to “Fake Flash – New Articles September 2008”

  1. kiran said

    Purchased 2 flash drives from hk (16gig and 32gig)via ebay from a site called .
    Received items early september and had problems since the beginning. Ebay lister has been delisted in ebay.
    Dont expect any refunds or help from paypal.
    Any suggestions.

  2. FakeStopper said

    Hi Kiran,

    Even if the seller is deregister, or stop listing, you still entitle to a dispute or refund (provided you paid within the 45 days period). To process the refund, please select “guide” on the above tab, and provide your details, item number, seller and result. The guide will be send to you detailing everything.


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