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Sinister Counterfeit Connection – Fake Flash Drive Ring On eBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 6, 2008

SOSFakeFlash has been investigating fake flash drives sold on eBay. As data poured in from eBayers reporting counterfeit usb flash drives after testing – information appeared to confirm suspicions of a counterfeit ring operating from China and Hong Kong.

It is estimated that these eBay sellers have frauded thousands of people around the world in a periods of less than one year.

The data loss suffered, the financial and personal damage from the sale of these fake flash drives on eBay is not fully known.

Who are they?

The ring leader and controller is 3ToTrade. We have given him the name “Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient “.

His satilites are: whatcoolsShopwithmelakaho.chan. There may be more eBay seller ids involved that have as yet not come to light. SOSFakeFlash does not make idle statements , but investigates and has the data to back up what is being said.

Presented are the flash drive usb models sold on eBay and the current tally. All drives have been documented with eBayer id and item number. This count is subject to change and increase as more data arrives from eBayers.

How did we find out the id’s were related? Please read:

3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On eBay

The full story is presented in a series of articles available at this site:


As of September 14th, 2008:

Here is a quick summary for your inspection. We think it speaks clearly.

whatcools count
kaho.chan count
Total Fakes 3ToTrade

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