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3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On Ebay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 6, 2008

3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan are a ring of counterfeit usb flash drive sellers on eBay. They are run and controlled by the Master Seller Id – 3ToTrade. 3ToTrade has been given the name “Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient“. The ring he controls operates from China with satellites in Hong Kong. They have been under investigation for several months having frauded thousands of eBayers with fake flash drives. Details and Evidence are presented.

Never has there been anything so sinister uncovered in the market for fake flash drives. Victims span the Globe and many countries are represented. Selling counterfeit flash drives is not only a theft of money, it is a theft and destruction of data. What this means to victims is something that can not be described in polite words.

China’s honour and reputation is damaged by these eBay selling ids – 3ToTradeWhatcoolsShopwithmelakaho.chan. Confidence in memory drives known as flash drives – pensticks or thumb drives manufactured in China has been lowered.

SOSFakeFlash has even traced counterfeits from China appearing in Swiss Internet sites for local sale. It is a plague unleashed on innocent buyers around the world.

The loss to people from corrupted data (non existent on the drive) has cost in ways words could not do justice. This is not simple fraud, the taking of hard earned money – it is a personal violation. For many victims – they would have preferred being beaten and robbed then to lose their data. Many have lost their files forever.

The Don of Fake Flash3ToTrade is the shinning example of greed with total disregard for the damage he inflicts on others with his lust for profit. He lies, he sheds crocodile tears – he is good at deception and very clever. For this reason, we have put a great deal of effort into exposing him. And in exposing him to eBay and PayPal he has demonstated guilt even further by attempting to hide his auctions under “Private Auctions” – the most diabolical – the most invisible to sell fake flash drives.

SOSFakeFlash has plenty of evidence. We have recorded the eBayer Id’s and item numbers for eBayers who have tested drives and discovered they were fake. We have tracked and traced.

Please read the following for details and evidence:

Clever as 3ToTrade might be – he is not that clever. Yes, many of the Hong Kong addresses are different but in China the same. The only difference is coding so that he knows which id the counterfeit items were sold under. The addressing information come directly from eBayers ordered to return their drives as a condition of refund.


Zhong Li sha

32B,XiaoFeng Building,
29# YouYi Road, Luohu District,
Guang Dong Province


Zhong LiSa<KH>

32B,XiaoFeng Building ,
29# YouYi Road,Luohu District,
GuangDong Province


Zhong LiSa<SL>

32B,XiaoFeng Building,
29# YouYi Road,Luohu District,
Guang Dong Province


Zhong LiSa<WC>

32B,XiaoFeng Building,
29# YouYi Road,Luohu District,
Guang Dong Province

As for the little information we could find on the registration of 3ToTrade for eBay:

Chiu Sui Chun

User ID: 3totrade
Name: Sui Chun Chiu
City: default
County: default

We did manage to come up with a real address:

Chiu Sui Chun

Flat C
Block 2
City One Shatin
Shatin Hong Kong
Hong Kong

We ask that the chinese authorities investigate. From what we have put together there is strong possibility that our Don Of Fake Flash is actually one ” Chiu Sui Chun“.

If any one thinks that is it is cruel to put a counterfeit flash drive Sellers name on the internet – please talk to the victims of this Criminal Ring. We have studied the behavior of these ids. We have seen the games they play – the lies they tell. How they manipulate both eBay and PayPal. How they deny refunds. How guilt is every where in evidence.

Please review the articles listed above.

A summary of behavior for the Don Of Fake Flash:

  • 3ToTrade sold counterfeit 16 GB drives. He stopped when too many disputes came to PayPal. 
  • Shopwithmela then began to sell one of these drives 
  • Both went quiet for a short time 
  • 3ToTrade started to sell counterfeit 32 Gb drives July 17th 2008 
  • 3toTrade stopped shipping to a number of European Countries when eBayers reported it was illegal to use the postal system for counterfeit merchandise sending or receiving. Indicating worries about the law. 
  • 3ToTrade stopped listing on August 13th, 2008 for counterfeit drives. Too many unexpected negatives at eBay and too many disputes registered with PayPal. 
  • Whatcools begins listing exactly the same drives sold by 3ToTrade on August 15th, e test results for the drives by eBayers 
  • kaho.chan is reactived to sell on August 15th, 2008 for 16 GB drives, one a known fake sold by Shopwithmela and by 3ToTrade. The other drives are identical to fakes we have from other sellers in Hong Kong and China (See Mug Shot report available at this site) 
  • eBayers dispute with 3ToTrade and now kaho.chan, whatcools 
  • September 3rd the eBay auctions of kaho.chan and whatcools are switched to private auction listings to avoid further interogration and hide from detection. 

We do not think we can make things any clearer for eBay, Paypal or the Chinese Government. We expect you to take action. We have no intention of letting this matter rest.

Actions expected:


  1. immediate investigation of the private listings used for the counterfeit flash drives being listed by whatcools and kaho.chan
  2. immediate acquistion of the drive models investigated for testing and autopsy
  3. immediate search for all usb flash drive listings in your database for these for seller id’s
  4. Submittal of the list to PayPay to refund any buyers of these items
  5. Contact of all buyers to advise them not to store data on these drives and offer an apologie
  6. immediate inspection of private listing to hide potential counterfeit drives
  7. immediate change in listing policy for any flash memory device – sellers must be responsible to test and certify. We recommend a product such as H2testw 1.4 We also advise that sellers disassemble a flash device they wish to sell to verify the flash chip for size against manufactures specifications
  8. You hold any one who wishes to sell these devices fully accountable and make this clear at the time of listing.
  9. You demonstate that you are truely sincere about cleaning up eBay from counterfeit flash devices

You also reserve the right to ask through PayPal that any eBayer requesting a full refund for a flash memory device reported as fake or counterfeit be sent to you for testing and investigation at – Your expense.

eBay Not Responding To Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Warnings From eBayers

As a reminder see: EBay Ordered to Pay $61 Million in Sale of Counterfeit Goods

We will not accept any sweeping under the carpet of the issue. You have had an issue of counterfeit flash drives which can easily be documented on the internet since 2005.


  1. You cease in giving eBayers at the dispute console the run around when they claim against 3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan. You refund them in full – this includes any postage and handling paid by the eBayer. 
  2. You investigate with eBay to have these sellers REMOVED FROM EBAY. 
  3. You assist in conjunction with eBay and the Chinese government to investigate and prosecute these seller to send a clear message to counterfeiters of flash devices. 
  4. You will expedite claims for eBayers who report in with fake flash devices at the dispute consol. You will accept without question the result they provide should it be from a software program such as H2testw 1.4 

You reserve the right ask that the device be returned to you at YOUR expense to be tested and confirmed as a fake.

You are to demonstate that you really do mean what you say about buyer protection. We aren’t interested in the passing of the buck syndrome. If honest eBay sellers caught with fake flash can bite the bullet and refund all buyers and go through great lengths to contact them – you can as well. The financal aspect to you is insignificatant compared to what honest seller with integry must go through.

as a reminder:Steele Settlement Website

Government Of China

Your reputation is being damaged. The eBay seller id’s mentioned are falling into the dark side of your new age. They need correction. Their behavior is not ideal for the goals of China. This counterfeit flash drive market is hurting many people around the world. This is a plague that is being unleashed on the unsuspecting global public – it is from YOUR country.

Without your assistence and cooperation this evil will continue and escalate.

We at SOSFakeFlash ask – will you China, do anything about the fake flash plague that leaves your country daily to infect and do harm to the citizens of the world?

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9 Responses to “3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On Ebay”

  1. Lennart said

    You are doing a great job of map out 3totrades different identities. I have my self been cheated by him bying a 32 GB drive but was only 7,7 GB.

  2. HarryEvidence said

    An excellent break down of the hard facts. I only hope that eBay, PayPal & the Chinese Government take it on board.

    Perhaps we should all point them to this site in our dealings with them just to make absolutely sure they get the message.

  3. KittyFireflash said

    Please DO point eBay, PayPay and the Chinese Goverment to this site!

    Everyone has had enough! We are not able to reveal the full extent of the damage. Or where it has occured. Employees in governments could lose their jobs. Even military forces have been impacted. The fact is, those who bought the drives did so out of their own pockets – trying to help in this cost cutting world of ours. They don’t need to be victims again. At least they had the true spirit of positive action and good faith to tell us the truth of what happened to them. Where did they buy? eBay! I don’t need to tell you what their view is about eBay now…

    The rest of us…regular folk, have been impacted too. It is one thing to be skunked of some money but another thing to lose our precious data!

    So anybody and everybody feel free to let the world know that SOSFakeFlash is here!

  4. Joanne says said

    Unfortunately I too was frauded by this guy, what you guys are doing is great let us hope you will be rewarded for all the time and effort you are investing to uncover this fraud.

  5. andrew said

    I bought a 32gb pen from ebay
    I loaded 31.2 gb on it and did a random test of files etc and it all seemed ok
    It was not untill after i left possitive feedback that i checked all bad feedback, this is where i got your site from
    Maybe now they are sending genuine ones now ?
    Ebay blue-moon-lagoon , thats my tag , feedback left an hour ago
    I bought from whatscool.
    Seeing the bad feedback on this item i can not believe ebay lets them continue
    If i am duped then its clever
    Is there a free site to check out the pens capacity – pref free
    Best of luck

  6. kittyfireflash said

    Hi Andrew,

    It looks like you are another victim of the private auctions for whatcools and that the fake flash angels were not able to reach you.

    The url to a free tool is posted at this site. It is called H2testw 1.4-> See Tools Category. Since you left your email address (others don’t see it, only us), an emergency info kit is being sent to you. There are over a 100 eBayers doing battle with the “Don Of Fake Flash” in the Orient as I type this comment – 3totrade and those many id’s he controls.

  7. ark1233423 said

    I got sold a duff SD card from ebay, the seller asked me to return it to

    32B,XiaoFeng Building,
    29# YouYi Road, Luohu District,
    Guang Dong Province

    the same address as above

    they were trading on ebay under the name tronicguard

  8. OzChick said

    I have had someone access my ebay account and list fake items. Luckily ebay picked it up, however the hacker did leave their bank account details on my account. It was under the name of Li Zhong, Bank of China and the partial account number. I contacted ebay but they said that all I had to do was change my bank details and they didn’t need it. I have printed it and saved the info just incase I need it.

    WHO can take this info and catch these people. Why do we have passwords if someone can just overwrite them!!

    NOT HAPPY!!!

  9. […] 3ToTrade – Whatcools – Shopwithmela – kaho.chan Sinister Counterfeit Flash Drive Connection On… […]

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