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PayPal – Reasons To File Dispute For Counterfeit Flash Drives Purchased On eBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 4, 2008

Why should you file a dispute with PayPal against a seller of counterfeit flash drives on eBay? As we have said many times – eBay and PayPal can do litte against a counterfeit seller if people do not report or file complaints. We advise avoiding direct contact with a seller if you have tested and found you bought a fake. Here is why.

You should NOT report the issue directly to the seller! Here are the reasons why:

  1. The seller might say that you have exceeded the time limit to report a defective item and so no refund is being offered. If you have a fake drive, it is not defective, it is a false drive, a fake. A fake drive is not the same thing as a defective drive. It is fraud.

  2. The seller may ask you to return the drive via mail. If you send back you have lost your evidence. The seller knowing that you have sent the drive back, does not need to communicate with you any further. Too many eBayers have fallen into this trap. Also it is against the law to send counterfeit merchandise in the mail in most countries.

  3. The seller might only offer to refund you the buying cost of the item, not the shipping of the item as well. Reprogramming a flash drive to lie to the operating system is not an “Upgrade” – the flash drive can only support the capacity it really is. This is illegal and it is fraud. There is no logical or honorable reason why you should suffer the financial loss of shipping charged to you if you are a victim of fraud. If the seller says he needs the drive as proof. Well he should have more of his own he can test. It is his problem not yours. Your problem is having a fake drive and having been defrauded.

  4. You are doing a disservice to other eBayer as the problem is kept quiet and the seller may just continue to sell this fake drive to other people.

  5. You could be subjected to blackmail. Give me positive feedback or no refund. There quiet a few documented cases of this. You will see in negative feedback left for sellers that some sellers have done a follow up complaining that they did not get the positive feedback as a result of refunding. Astonishing, but true.

  6. eBay and PayPal do not have a record on file of a problem with the merchandise listing. So as far as they are concerned the merchandise being sold is good merchandise. By filing a dispute, red flags are being raised. Enough such cases with a seller will alert them to something being very wrong.

Sellers of counterfeit flash drives are very skilled with excuses. They are sharp too.

It does not take much for them to discover if you know anything about technology or not. If you don’t, you can expect excuses tailored to suit and satisfy – based on your communication. It will range from defect in manufacture to damage on route to you or even evil x-rays from customs scanning devices causing the drive to be erased.

If you are savvy and if you present testing evidence – expect similar excuses and when those don’t work you can expect the crocodile tears. I am a victim too! I have been cheated! I have lost money! Sob…

Anything and everything to delay the time you might have to claim, even offer to send you a replacement once yours is received back. You can be certain your replacement will be a fake too and that the sands in your hour glass have run short to file a dispute.

So file a dispute with PayPal! Do not delay. This wakes sellers of fake flash drives up. They know only too well there is now something on record and many will try to get the case closed as quickly as possible. You need to get the red lights flashing at PayPal.

Also do not be kind hearted – if you have not left feedback make sure it is negative. You need to warn other eBayers and also to alert eBay. If you left costive feedback you can do a follow up to your original feedback – telling the truth about the item you bought.

If you chose to be kind to a seller of counterfeit flash drives on eBay you are being cruel to fellow eBayers – leading them into the fake flash pit.

If you discover you are a victim of a counterfeit flash drive purchase on eBay – file a dispute directly with PayPal – do not lose precious time in email tag with the seller. Make sure to put in your testing results from H2testw 1.4 to support your claim.


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