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How Fraudulent Sellers Stay One Step Ahead Of Ebay and PayPal

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 4, 2008

Have you ever wondered how a fraudlent seller manages to stay on eBay? Gets around PayPal? Why sellers of counterfeit flash drives stay in the game – even when complaints mount against them? How when a fake flash sellers are removed from eBay – four new ones sprout to take their places?

Not to long ago the Franken Flash Project was founded to address the issues of Counterfeit Flash drives that were harming People around the world through data loss. Naturally this involved setting up email accounts to manage incoming information. One day at one of the addresses a strange avertising appeared. It was a site called AuctAgainWe are curious people and had a look at the site. We almost died.

Why? Well like everyone else we have been wondering why it is almost impossible to truely remove fraudsters from eBay. No sooner do we stop a seller from listing counterfeit drives, or have them suspended they come back. Some times we have raised enough pressure to have them run from eBay – deregister. You would assume there would be less counterfeit flash sellers as we trap them and have them dragged to eBay or PayPal. But no sooner to we get rid of one, another one quickly appears.

It appears we may have found their handbook – their bible for crime. It is chilling to see what is offered. Perhaps it is a scam site, perhaps valid. Unfortunately we do not have information offered, no one is willing to risk their credit card to buy this guide. Perhaps being victims of fake flash has made us all very wary and shy. This is what is being offered:




Frankly we do not know what to make of this. Is it Genuine? Is it valid? Does anyone know? Because if it is, it would explain a lot of the mysteries to us and to you?

One Response to “How Fraudulent Sellers Stay One Step Ahead Of Ebay and PayPal”

  1. Andrew said

    I purchased an 8gb Duo memory stick from “shopwithmela” on Ebay UK. It arrived and when I tried to use it I had difficulty in seeing it’s capacity. I put it in my son’s PSP only to find it contained nothing, it was showing as empty, no data. I could not transfer anything on the stick. I then put it into a card reader and each time I tried to access I would get a message, “no disk” I tried and tried to establish that there was something.

    I eventually complained, first contacting the seller but I had a feeling of being given the run around. I then contacted Paypal and lodged a dispute. I had an email which began, “Dear friend” I was asked for a photograph as they may have sent the wrong one. Also in that email they said they would make me a good offer! What that meant I don’t know.

    I replied with a photograph as requested. I also asked for them to pay the postal cost’s for their defective item.

    I then had an email from Paypal saying the dispute had been resolved. I then had another email from Paypal saying I had received a refund.

    I have since checked my bank account and sure enough there is a payment for shopwithmela. BUT, after reading what I have just read about the auctionagainguide Paypal scam I’m waiting for that money to vanish as quickly as it appeared.

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