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eBay Not Responding To Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Warnings From eBayers

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 4, 2008

eBay is not responding to Counterfeit USB flash drive warnings from eBayers. The problem appears to be a flaw in their robotic emailing system that claims to be “Tailored Responses”. As a result one of the worse offenders on eBay – 3ToTrade continues to remain active. As much as eBayers are trying to help eBay they are meeting with resistance. Here is an example.

Currently eBayers are doing battle with one of the worse sellers of counterfeit usb flash drives 3ToTrade. How a powerseller can manipulate both eBay and PayPal so well is beyond our understanding.

One eBayer whom we call HarryEvidence tried to contact eBay – here is his report in reverse order. Personal identifying information has been removed.

My first response from eBay and my reply.


Please do not insult my intelligence by claiming an auto-response email is a ‘tailored response’, the implication being it was tailored to MY specific complaint.

If you read my original correspondence you will deduce that I have already escalated a claim in Paypal. It is they who insist on telling eBayers to return counterfeit goods via mail to the seller in order to get a refund – not even of the postage charges incurred!

We are talking here about a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that both eBay and Paypal are accessories to by allowing it to continue. The seller 3toTrade has been active since 2005 to my knowledge and I am aware, as already stated, of at least 66 documented cases of his counterfeit sales. What is more, he is STILL selling these products.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure there is no fraudulent and criminal activity on YOUR site – NOT PayPal with whom you have a very lucrative business arrangement.

Between the two of you, sellers are allowed to exploit loopholes in your collective systems to escape detection and recrimination. It is both illegal and immoral for you to allow this seller to continue. You must suspend his trading and freeze his account for investigation before more innocent eBayers are ripped off.

You have a duty towards me personally as a customer of YOUR company to ensure I am reimbursed in full for all the money I have paid out. Yes it was via Paypal, but it is yourselves who more than recommended this payment method and yourselves who offer the service, so it is to you I turn for help in the light of PayPal’s completely inadequate response to my claims.

I would also expect you in the light of overwhelming evidence to contact all eBayers who have bought his flash drives to warn them that they will LOSE valuable data the moment it exceeds the original capacity of the drive, and ensure that they are refunded in full.

I await a non automated response.
Thank you.

Why HarryEvidence wrote the reply above is revealed by the response he got from ebay below:

—–Original Message—–
From: eBay United Kingdom Customer Support []
Sent: 26 August 2008 20:39
To: HarryEvidence
Subject: xxxxxxx Thank you for Contacting eBay’s Trust and Safety Department (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)


Thank you for writing to let us know you didn’t receive your item ############ or the item you received was significantly different from the one described in the listing. Because we want to help you as quickly as possible we’re sending you a tailored response based on the information that you’ve submitted.

There’s a couple of steps you can take now:

1) Talk to the seller
2) Report the seller to PayPal (up to 45 days from payment date)
3) Use the eBay Dispute Console (10-60 days from listing end date)

1) Talk to the seller

At this stage, we recommend that you phone the seller and talk to them about what’s happened. These situations can often be resolved with a friendly conversation. Here’s how to request the seller’s email address and phone number:

1. Click “Advanced Search” in the top right-hand corner of the eBay homepage.
2. Click “Find Contact Information”.
3. Enter the item number for the relevant purchase. You can find the item number in My eBay. Click “Search”.

We’ll then send you an automatic email with the seller’s contact details. Please be aware that we’ll send the seller your contact details at the same time. We feel it maintains trust and fairness on eBay if members are made aware when other members request their contact information.

2) Report the seller to PayPal (up to 45 days from payment date)

If you can’t resolve things by talking to the seller, you should report the seller to PayPal. You must do this within 45 days of payment.

eBay works closely with PayPal to help buyers resolve problems quickly and effectively. PayPal will investigate any complaint about a sale where PayPal was used to send payment.

To find out more and to open a dispute, copy this link into a new browser window and click on “PayPal Buyer protection”

If more than 45 days have passed since your payment, you won’t be able to file a Buyer Protection claim with PayPal. However, we encourage you to report this member to PayPal so they can make a note on the seller’s PayPal account. Then follow the steps described below.

3) Use the eBay Dispute Console (10-60 days from listing end date)

If the seller doesn’t send you the item or a refund, and the item isn’t covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, you should file an “Item Not Received” or “Item Significantly Not as Described” dispute in My eBay.

The eBay Dispute Console provides a structured and impartial way to manage this type of problem with a seller.

You must file a dispute within 60 days of the end of the listing. (As you paid with PayPal, you’ll be directed to file a claim with PayPal if you do this within 45 days).

For more information on this process, copy the following link into a new browser window:

What will eBay do about this seller?

Your complaint has been noted and, if appropriate, we will take action against the seller to ensure eBay remains a fun, safe place to shop.

However, as it’s important that eBay maintains member privacy, we can’t share details of the action we take.

We hope this information is helpful. If this doesn’t answer your question or we can be of any further assistance, please reply to this email and let us know.

eBay Trust & Safety

Original Message Follows (Personal Identification Info Removed):

His original contact:

Form Message:
Subject: Received item not as described

User Feedback: xxx
User State: xxxx
Member being reported: 3totrade 2032
Buyer Status: xxxxx
Item number: xxxxxxxxxx
Payment Method: PayPal
Date of Payment: xx/xx/xx
Seller Contact: Yes, but the issue is unresolved

Customer concern: Seller 3totrade has sold me 2 x counterfeit drives.

The drives have been tested and show they have been reprogrammed to fool the OS into ‘seeing’ 32GB instead of 8GB. It is illegal to return counterfeit goods in the mail – as Paypal insist you do! I know of at least 66 documented cases of this seller fraudulently selling on eBay and am aware he has been doing this since 2005.

I see no action being taken against this seller by eBay and would like to know if you support:

1) selling counterfeit goods
2) protecting sellers of counterfeit goods
3) assisting sellers to engage in illegal activities

It is my opinion that eBay encourages eBayers to break the law, in fact demands they do so, via the Paypal system, by holding a refund in ransom unless and until we return a drive to this seller. The issue is not defect. The drive has been illegal reprogrammed to lie to operating systems about it’s true capacity.

I would be willing to send the drive to eBay to be tested and put into evidence to prosecute this seller. However eBay must bear the burden of the tracking and postage and it will be written on the package that it is counterfeit merchandise being sent to eBay for evidence and investigation.

I expect a full and immediate refund of the drive including shipping and handling I paid for the ebay item. I expect eBay to honour the promotion of buyer protection – regardless of any fine print or any issues with the seller.

I know I am not the only eBayer to be caught in this sellers fraudulent trap. He is abusing the eBay & Paypal system and neither one of you are doing anything about it from a buyers perspective.

I have waited long enough for Paypal. The system is completely incapable of dealing with illegal trading. I will not accept ‘small print’ excuses for the behaviour of both eBay and Paypal in this matter.

I demand a reply from eBay within 72hrs of the time stamp on this communication. Failure to reply indicates that eBay supports illegal activity, protects sellers of counterfeit items and has absolutely no interest in honest behaviour or transactions.

Thank you. HarryEvidence

The situation on fake flash on eBay is very serious. It has been for a number of years now. Little has been done. Until now. eBayers have had enough. You can find plenty of information on the subject at SOSFakeFlash.

We will continue to try and contact eBay. HarryEvidence did not receive a reply. As HarryEvidence wrote above:

Failure to reply indicates that eBay supports illegal activity, protects sellers of counterfeit items and has absolutely no interest in honest behaviour or transactions.

So we ask, is the lack of response a yes? eBay does support illegal activity and encourages sellers of counterfeit items to continue?

4 Responses to “eBay Not Responding To Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Warnings From eBayers”

  1. FakeStopper said

    I am not surprise if there is no response from Ebay or PayPal with regards to how they stop these fake usb drive again. This had been happening ever since 2005, and yet do we see any improvements? No! Instead I see more start seller, trying to bend the rules of both Ebay and PayPal and continue to sell more fake usb drives. What more disappointing, seller can have multiple ID’s just so they fool everyone else.
    Also I see so many flaws both in Ebay and PayPal emailing system. “Automated” response is what you usually get. I ask where the “customer serivce”?, where the “buyer protection”…so many unanswer questions. I can only say both their reputation are badly damage. They only care about earning their fees, but what steps have they taken to stop all this.

  2. sK said

    I just got a Nokia N95 8gb mobile and it is a counterfeit. Trying to get in contact with the supplier but failing to hear a reply. I really hope ebay helps me on this one or I will be forced to get in contact with the authorities to ensure that justice has been served on this supplier.

  3. mad teacher said

    If you bought with a credit card you should be able to get a refund via a chargeback through your credit card company – phone them for advice. If you bought on Ebay using a debit card or by a payment from your bank account through PayPal (rather than using a credit card) you will have to fight a bit harder. See all the advice that I, kittyfireflash and others have put on other pages on this site and act on it.

  4. […] eBay Not Responding To Counterfeit USB Flash Drive Warnings From eBayers […]

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