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szeho663 – The Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash Drives On eBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 1, 2008

Who is one of the longest running sellers of fake flash drives on eBay? Why seller szeho663 of course!

This is one seller who knows how to stay in the game! He sells and sells and sells. But he is also good at keeping under the radar. Only recently has he been under the microscope with us. With 67 eBay sellers investigated and confirmed to have sold fakes (counterfeit flash drives) we have been kept busy.

As of September 1st, 2008 we have 16 confirmed fakes for szeho663. Confirming fakes means investigating. A confirmed fake on eBay is a drive where we have proof – right down to the eBay item number and the eBayer who was stung.

Yes, some of those item numbers are from postive feedbackers. As usual, like so many eBayers bitten by fake flash – the truth was discovered after leaving postiive feedback. Some of these drives have a fair amount of true capacity so it takes time to fall off the fake flash cliff.

Does this seller refund? Yes, he does.  Unlike some fake flash sellers such as the “Don Of Fake Flash on eBay”  – 3ToTrade seller szeho663 knows when he has been caught.  He deals in volume.  For each buyer who finds him out, at least 30 do not, or not in time aleast to file a dispute.  He uses logic in business – better 29  sales of Counterfeit USB Flash drives and one refund then coming under the radar with Paypal and eBay.

To get your refund, you will have to type a lot.  You also need proof, and not fall for “Oh it must be a defective drive – it happens some times…”  Make sure you test with the software h2testw_1.4 which you can find by searching with google.  Remember to execute the program to fill up the drive and read and verify back.   You need the output as proof.  No proof?  Forget about a refund.  And don’t fall for partial refund or return the drive nonsense.  It is illegal in most countries to send or receive counterfeit merchandise using the postal system.  You should ask for a full refund – that includes the shipping and handling to you.  If the program detects you do not have the advertised size – you have a fake. Plain and simple.   szeho663 history is against him.

So you can see why szeho663 has been the name of “Grand Daddy of Fake Flash Drives on eBay“.  We have an open message for you, szeho663, retire!  Give up the selling of fake flash drives on eBay.  You’ve made a lot of money doing this.  You have hurt many people in the last years.  You name pops up in many forums and it goes far back in time.  It is time for you to retire from selling the counterfeit USB product line.   You don’t want to go through what 3ToTrade is facing.  eBayers have had enough of him and have organized against him.  Unlike you he is not so clever as he thinks,  his greed and  skill at manipulating eBay and Paypal has brought him new days where there are only dark clouds.   We repeat, retire from the selling of Counterfeit Flash Drives – NOW!

For any person who bought a USB Flash Drive from szeho663 – test it!  Do not store any important information on this drive unless and until you can confirm it delivers the true advertised capacity.  You will lose data if it is a fake.  If a fake – file a dispute with PayPal.  Don’t bother contacting him – drag him to PayPal and get it on record.   And don’t leave positive feedback – refunding you is no favor.  You will just lead more eBayers into his fake flash pit.

9 Responses to “szeho663 – The Grand Daddy Of Fake Flash Drives On eBay”

  1. Levani said

    I did purchase from szeho663, Video pen-USB drive, PAP2-N VoIP modem, and 8Mp Webcam, Nothing works!!! His been sending promises to refund me back, then nothing happen, finally I decided to start dispute at EBay.

  2. Dennis said

    To Levani:
    And do not forget of chargeback (if you’ve paid by card). And you can tell the scam you will do it if he won’t refund you.
    Good luck, anyway!

  3. Kimberly said

    I just purchased not one but 2 16GB no-name flash drives from this seller. Everything that you have said is true. What Mr. Sze did not expect though is that I did research after I recieved my item – I should I know this is really “samsung” memory? Initially I caught him saying he was trying to avoid paying additional tax – “please understand” he said. Bud, you already sound illegal. I did more research and tested the drive as instructed and sure enough its only 4096MB. He lies and says its 4GB+4GB+4GB+4GB – yeah right. Offers “partial” refund – HA. No way. The beauty here though is that I got two, not just one, so I can easily prove that this is no technical error of product – they are all intenionally this way. I have no doubt that I will succeed in getting a full refund – He is already scared. My only question now is, How can I help ebay shut this bad boy down? I have product here that can easily be shown as fraud. A refund is good but justice for more people is better. Not everyone understands to test these during the short window of opportunity.

  4. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Kimberly,

    electronicbase663 aka szeho663, can be shutdown it requires effort though and needs more then one person. Begin by:

    1) reporting all the current listings for the same drives you bought to eBay.

    2) Look at postive feedback, find buyers and contact them to test their drives!

    3) Collect current listings, wait until they finish, then 5 days later start sending messages to winners warning them to test their drives when they arrive in the post. Advise them they can contact you for help. When they do, have them do the same thing. (1-3).

    Then have 4) get everyone to leave negative feedback on a chosen day.

    These steps have made many fake flash powersellers fall into their own fake flash flames. How do we know this works?

    Grin. The folks involved in the frankenflash project are all hardened vets – they organized and ran campaigns to drive targetted nasties off eBay.

    It’s what we call being a “Fake Flash Angel” on eBay patrol.

    You are right that most people don’t test their drives in time – that is why they need to be warned! Otherwise the postives will just build and more victims claimed….

    PS have them visit our sites for help and also report their fakes (see the report a fake – tab).

  5. George said

    i have another seller: colossus1107
    I bought a fake 16 gb flash disk.

  6. kittyfireflash said

    Hi George,

    Report in with your evidence using the report a fake tab. We will investigate the seller as soon has you send the info needed.

  7. John Taylor said

    Don’t single out these two guys only. Ebay will err on the side of vendors. Both you and Ebay have to be vigilent. In my case I bought a fake Kingston 256gb pendrive. These retail for $700 and I got it for $48. Packaging looked like the real thing and I knew the risk. I began copying files and started to get errors about being unable to copy certain files. I reformatted the drive and soon it was corrupted. I google problems until I was blue in the face. I am not so pissed off at the loss of $48 as the time I wasted trying to get it to work.
    Think about it, the counterfeiter only has to copy the packaging and the case and you can put any electronics you want inside. This is a case where if it sounds too good to be true then it is. There are few products that are as easy to copy as flash drives. Caveat emptor if you buy a brand name flash drive from anyone but a reputable retailer.
    In defence of Ebay they notified me that I could back out of the deal but only after I paid. Ebay on their part can certainly clampdown on obious fraud by some simple programming changes.

  8. toyz_for_boyz said

    I bought some of the Kingston Data Traveller from a aliexpress seller believing they were real. Another eBayer told me what to look out for after I had posted them for auction. I did the test and am greatful not have been put in an embarrasing position.
    I learn something new everyday.

  9. Good to hear, toyz_for_boyz.

    We need more eBay members on patrol to warn sellers with clean feedback records. Help them. Warn them.

    If they get reported it is too late as it becomes a needed public record.

    Let’s not get spiteful people, instead be helpful.

    If a seller just started listing, give them a chance. WARN THEM TO TEST AND WHY!.

    Note this applies to eBay sellers not registered in Asia. In Asia it is organized crime – counterfeit rings.

    Elsewhere it is ignorance about flash memory most of the time. If this sounds strong, understand that we at SOSFakeFlash were just as ignorant, naive. We like you, learned very hard lessons.

    So please contact eBay sellers. We are getting more reports of them realizing they are selling fake memory and removing their listings. Refunding too and canceling sales and bids. It hurts, but they are doing it.

    Help save them. Get them out of this battle so we can concentrate on the real SHARKS who deserve our attention and energy.

    In helping them, you also help your fellow eBay members as they won’t have the opportunity to buy the fakes from sellers who did not know better. Every positive action helps.

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