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eBay Fraud Sellers List 200911 * to K. Fake USB Flash Memory – Pen Sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players From SOSFakeFlash

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Memory (False Capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards, mp players as of 20091231 documented by SOSFakeFlash. 848 sellers listed. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research. The list is now in two pages: * to K , L to Z.

If you are a victim please report in using the Report A Fake Tab. You matter! You, can help the list grow and increase the counts against these fraudsters!

Sellers * to K

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Memory – Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: December 31 2009

Please click on the seller’s eBay id link to to see all negative and neutral feedback recorded on eBay. Our counts can include people who left positive feedback or reported after a seller was suspended.

If your seller is not on the list or to add to the count against a seller, use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information. . Press the back button in your browser to return to this page. Warn other buyers for your seller. It is the only way to stop the fraud from continuing. Leave “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to allow people to find our sites for help. If you left postitive feedback, do a follow up feedbadk. Always test for actual capacity before leaving feedback.

Please do not assume if your eBay seller is not on this list, it is safe to buy from the seller. SOSFakeFlash has received reports that victims used this list as a guide to purchasing from an eBay seller. Do not make this mistake.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes * to K: 424 entries


Seller Seller Neg FB Fakes Classifcation Deregistered
*mct0056* *mct0056* 2 Suspension
001pawlak 001pawlak 1
123qazxc 123qazxc 3 Suspension
1963dingdom 1963dingdom 4 Suspension
19710620 19710620 1 Suspension
1sky1dream 1sky1dream 2 Suspension
2009crazyshop 2009crazyshop 1
2009minishop 2009minishop 2
215sellit 215sellit 4 Suspension
24hour.openstop67 24hour.openstop67 1 Suspension
3688summer 3688summer 2
3totrade 3totrade 113 Devious Suspension
4brons499 4brons499 1 Private Auctions
516erenkoy01 516erenkoy01 14 Clever
86luxe 86luxe 1
a_kasravi a_kasravi 1
aaaiphone aaaiphone 2 Suspension
aabbcc147 aabbcc147 6
abestpartner0 abestpartner0 98 Suspension
acesdistributing acesdistributing 1
adiandian3 adiandian3 32 Suspension
ads0s0 ads0s0 2
affordablehighqualityitems affordablehighqualityitems 3
agathe688 agathe688 16 Suspension
air-n-tech air-n-tech 4
ajsallinone ajsallinone 1
akm_games akm_games 1
aldou2! aldou2! 1
alexxxp0808 alexxxp0808 6 Suspension
alice_daphne_a_123 alice_daphne_a_123 15
alldays189 alldays189 2
allproductsold1 allproductsold1 3 Private Auctions Suspension
alphapound alphapound 1
althought77 althought77 9 Suspension
amaliahd amaliahd 2 Suspension
amust2009 amust2009 9 Private Auctions
andybin88 andybin88 27
andyjiange andyjiange 9 Suspension
andy-wjm andy-wjm 8
anglo-dist anglo-dist 2 Suspension
annie129898 annie129898 1
anson528168 anson528168 3 Suspension
apealy apealy 15 Suspension
apiyo2009 apiyo2009 2
appolly appolly 28 Suspension
asperou1974 asperou1974 1
atlasneotech atlasneotech 1
atttshop atttshop 9
auctionlimited222 auctionlimited222 6 Private Auctions Suspension
ausberghi ausberghi 1
awei19888 awei19888 6 Suspension
awfcomponents2009 awfcomponents2009 1 Suspension
b.a.t.t.e.r.y b.a.t.t.e.r.y 1 Suspension 1 Private Auctions Suspension
bargain_gift_shop bargain_gift_shop 2 Suspension
barrylamshop barrylamshop 13 Devious Suspension
battery.king888 battery.king888 1 Suspension
bawawa10009898 bawawa10009898 5
bayer4you bayer4you 1 Suspension
bazaarus bazaarus 13 Suspension
beautyseals beautyseals 70 Suspension
befeskst befeskst 2 Private Auctions Suspension
believes_wo29 believes_wo29 3
beqaror beqaror 1
berrysenior09 berrysenior09 1
best.customer.service best.customer.service 2
best2all8888 best2all8888 62
best2you886 best2you886 70 Suspension
bestchoiceonline2009 bestchoiceonline2009 1 Suspension
best-e-bay-sell best-e-bay-sell 11 Private Auctions
bestelecusa bestelecusa 2
best-phone-sell best-phone-sell 1
bestselleryan bestselleryan 2 Suspension
beyboosry beyboosry 21 Suspension
biaofa52088 biaofa52088 1 Private Auctions Suspension
bid2buying bid2buying 8 Private Auctions
biduwant biduwant 7 Suspension 14 Private Auctions Suspension
bigdawgbaker bigdawgbaker 1
bingbing1209 bingbing1209 1
bingliuhou68 bingliuhou68 1
blockwei blockwei 1
bloomboy99 bloomboy99 10 Suspension
bluetech_networks bluetech_networks 1 Suspension
bosstrade168 bosstrade168 61
brajones53 brajones53 2 Suspension
bright-crystal837 bright-crystal837 4
brighting688 brighting688 5 Private Auctions
bunqqto bunqqto 2
button-inlay button-inlay 1 1
buy088 buy088 12 Suspension
buyingculture buyingculture 1 Suspension
caipemz caipemz 15 Suspension
calltimtim calltimtim 11 Suspension
candyatsz candyatsz 8
canotwithout88 canotwithout88 6 Suspension
Carol-World Carol-World 7
carterunlimitedpro carterunlimitedpro 1
cckelectronic99 cckelectronic99 2 Suspension
ccywee88 ccywee88 4 Suspension
ceasoherer ceasoherer 1
celeste_689 celeste_689 3 Suspension
celikengin celikengin 1
chaiching28 chaiching28 84 Old Timer Suspension
chakkkkk chakkkkk 5 Suspension
chance2save-money chance2save-money 20 Suspension
changshengzhubao666 changshengzhubao666 5 Suspension
chaogestore88 chaogestore88 3
checkmeout88 checkmeout88 7
cheermagun cheermagun 1
chekel2007 chekel2007 1 Private Auctions Suspension
chendimz chendimz 19 Suspension
chenggong1881 chenggong1881 3 Suspension
chenhui52147 chenhui52147 1 Private Auctions Suspension
chenwubang88 chenwubang88 18 Suspension
cheuk2238 cheuk2238 1 Suspension
cheukpanpan2008 cheukpanpan2008 2
chinajiayou chinajiayou 3 Private Auctions
chinashopstore88 chinashopstore88 3 Private Auctions
chingching688 chingching688 1 Private Auctions
cholui88 cholui88 1
chongmaomaoabc chongmaomaoabc 4 Suspension
choose.c choose.c 1 11 Suspension
cissyoissy cissyoissy 1
cititrading cititrading 10 Private Auctions
clares-trading-room clares-trading-room 3 Private Auctions Suspension
clarkveyron clarkveyron 1 Suspension
clicktoblue clicktoblue 4
cnebapaypa cnebapaypa 9 Private Auctions Suspension
coca-mes coca-mes 1 Private Auctions
cocopark009 cocopark009 2 3 Suspension
comewithrich comewithrich 1
comingworld2008 comingworld2008 4 Suspension
comp_usb comp_usb 1 Suspension
conniechan09 conniechan09 1 Suspension
cool.stuff12053 cool.stuff12053 1 Suspension
cool_kaka cool_kaka 1
cool_shop168 cool_shop168 1
cossact cossact 3
cppbest cppbest 1 Private Auctions
cqingwushilei cqingwushilei 1
cqwing cqwing 4
crate7products crate7products 1 Suspension
crispspring149 crispspring149 5 Private Auctions
crispy_garlic crispy_garlic 1 Suspension
crystalpalace1987 crystalpalace1987 2
ctone51 ctone51 1
curiousshop curiousshop 21 Suspension
cx0010 cx0010 12 Suspension
cybershotdude cybershotdude 3 Private Auctions Suspension
cybertown_network cybertown_network 5 Private Auctions
cyg_2009 cyg_2009 2
cylwendy cylwendy 5 Suspension
cymemory cymemory 7
cypress_network cypress_network 34 Private Auctions
d9bay d9bay 7 Suspension
dabao1030 dabao1030 1 Private Auctions
dai_xinyu dai_xinyu 11 Private Auctions Suspension
dairyman6880 dairyman6880 1
dalebuk dalebuk 5 Suspension
dan.fff dan.fff 2
daowobaobao2008 daowobaobao2008 4 Suspension
darnubiz darnubiz 1 Devious
david200804 david200804 2
davidtam000 davidtam000 11 Suspension
dc-emperor dc-emperor 40
dd.ee3493 dd.ee3493 1 Suspension
ddup-2007 ddup-2007 1
demonedemone demonedemone 3 Suspension
dengkimz dengkimz 2 Suspension
deresz18 deresz18 1
Dfsr1 Dfsr1 1 Private Auctions
diaoweifeng2008 diaoweifeng2008 3 Private Auctions Suspension
digibabyboy digibabyboy 7
digitalgundam digitalgundam 1 Suspension
digitalmonkey198366 digitalmonkey198366 1 Suspension
digitalting0303 digitalting0303 30 Suspension
digitexpert digitexpert 27 Suspension
digitmonde digitmonde 13 Suspension
digitsonic digitsonic 1
digivendeur digivendeur 24 Suspension
dingdingstore11 dingdingstore11 10 Suspension
directsz directsz 1
disubs disubs 56 Suspension
Dogdog999 Dogdog999 2
dogusb2008 dogusb2008 17 Suspension
domi.krak1804 domi.krak1804 4 Private Auctions
dongfangzhubao9898 dongfangzhubao9898 3 Suspension 4
dynamic.2 dynamic.2 2 Suspension
e.goodshop2008 e.goodshop2008 6
eac-buy eac-buy 2 Suspension
eastdragon2010 eastdragon2010 1
easytrade_12388 easytrade_12388 1
ebestshop58r ebestshop58r 1 Suspension
ebidetrade001 ebidetrade001 1 Private Auctions
eddyunoseller2008 eddyunoseller2008 8 Suspension
egotechbase egotechbase 1 Private Auctions
elect-republic elect-republic 1 Suspension
electronicbase663 electronicbase663 42 Old Timer Suspension
electronicru838 electronicru838 2
electro-passion electro-passion 1
elegancesupply elegancesupply 1 Suspension
eleseed eleseed 5
elinkfast elinkfast 4
elizmeliz elizmeliz 2 Suspension
emma_sun_wu emma_sun_wu 17
endure2009 endure2009 3 Suspension
eric_rick eric_rick 5
eric-58 eric-58 1
errtgiojsdhf09 errtgiojsdhf09 1
esraelonline esraelonline 1 Suspension
etrade4world2008 etrade4world2008 25
evergreen.market41288 evergreen.market41288 1
evil1314520 evil1314520 5 Private Auctions
e-win100 e-win100 7 Suspension
excel88past88 excel88past88 10 Suspension
f9w8g4f f9w8g4f 3
fabulous3d fabulous3d 1
fahaidowmv999 fahaidowmv999 1
fanfan6888 fanfan6888 1 Private Auctions
fantasic-ac fantasic-ac 6 Private Auctions
fantasticbid008 fantasticbid008 26
fantasticoffer2009 fantasticoffer2009 1 Private Auctions
farness.98 farness.98 2
fashionzhou fashionzhou 10 Suspension
fast_limited fast_limited 6 Suspension
feida698 feida698 5 Suspension
fengtiaoyushun1618 fengtiaoyushun1618 1 FeedBack Private
fine_collection123 fine_collection123 3
fine_trade100268 fine_trade100268 1
fionasfox2009 fionasfox2009 4
fire.fox751 fire.fox751 1 Suspension
firstfortechnology firstfortechnology 1 Suspension
firstly2008 firstly2008 8 Private Auctions Suspension
fkepdcwcw fkepdcwcw 13
fleabase fleabase 7
flog.kingdom flog.kingdom 2 Suspension
fly_sky9898 fly_sky9898 63 Suspension
flying-bee2009 flying-bee2009 2 Private Auctions
flyuper flyuper 1
focus-discount focus-discount 11 Suspension
forexxhusky forexxhusky 1 Private Auctions 5 Suspension
foxxxxxxxxxy foxxxxxxxxxy 1 Suspension
freebid99 freebid99 3 Suspension
friend.2009 friend.2009 7 Private Auctions
Fu1121 Fu1121 17 Private Auctions Suspension
Fubuchulaidexing Fubuchulaidexing 9 Suspension
fufu$$ fufu$$ 1 Suspension
fuhua88982009 fuhua88982009 1
fukkee fukkee 4 Private Auctions Suspension
fung60200155 fung60200155 13 Suspension
funkyguard funkyguard 2
fyx20099 fyx20099 5 Private Auctions Suspension 1
gally2841 gally2841 1
ganglin08 ganglin08 20
gaojizhang gaojizhang 1 Suspension
garysin2008 garysin2008 4 Private Auctions
gbay21112 gbay21112 5
gem-high-grade gem-high-grade 7
genericdeals genericdeals 1 Suspension
genuineworld genuineworld 1
geomeiphoto geomeiphoto 4 Suspension
geraldson305 geraldson305 1 Suspension
geraldson85 geraldson85 1 Suspension
getwowprice getwowprice 19 Private Auctions Suspension
gggworldwide gggworldwide 3
gguesswhat gguesswhat 1
giesha2 giesha2 1 Private Auctions Suspension
gigabidgame gigabidgame 2
giltioe giltioe 2
global_emart8 global_emart8 3 Private Auctions
global_eshop8 global_eshop8 7 Private Auctions
global-allied global-allied 4
gmltd2000 gmltd2000 1
go2besthk go2besthk 4 Suspension
go4tradetrade go4tradetrade 2 Suspension
goahead365 goahead365 1 Suspension
gogohkbar gogohkbar 1 Suspension 37 Private Auctions Suspension
golden20090517 golden20090517 2 Private Auctions
gongdanhua0268 gongdanhua0268 1
good.pr0ducts good.pr0ducts 1
goodgoods2009 goodgoods2009 3
good-online-shops good-online-shops 1
grandtechdigital grandtechdigital 4 Private Auctions
great.gift1301 great.gift1301 1 Suspension
greatetech greatetech 2 Private Auctions
greathkseller greathkseller 7 Private Auctions
green_hkshop green_hkshop 1 Suspension
green_world9898 green_world9898 3 Suspension
greenberg136 greenberg136 1 Private Auctions
gtim45378 gtim45378 6 Suspension
guizhicom guizhicom 1 Suspension
guliaholder guliaholder 1
guople guople 9 Suspension
guruelectronics guruelectronics 7 Suspension
haha1218ai88 haha1218ai88 2 Suspension
haifter haifter 31 Suspension
handsomebea handsomebea 1
haogooding haogooding 6 Suspension
haoyunbeijing-2008 haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Suspension
happily-sunny happily-sunny 2
happy1853 happy1853 1 Suspension
happybybaby happybybaby 4 Suspension
happyyaoyao2009 happyyaoyao2009 13 Suspension
harveyengling007 harveyengling007 1 FeedBack Private
hausmanjacob hausmanjacob 1 Suspension
hav7468 hav7468 1
hellopetpet hellopetpet 1 Suspension
hengdang hengdang 1 Suspension
hengtong8880 hengtong8880 3 Suspension
henseller henseller 13 Suspension
heqingfen2009 heqingfen2009 2 Suspension
heycardtt heycardtt 5
hhh9527 hhh9527 3 Suspension
hi2echworks hi2echworks 1 Private Auctions
highqualityproductsss highqualityproductsss 3 Suspension
hishatcha hishatcha 1 Suspension
hitech2day hitech2day 10 Private Auctions
hjstore hjstore 9 Private Auctions Suspension
hk_buy hk_buy 1
hkbobobo hkbobobo 1 Private Auctions
hkeagle168 hkeagle168 13 Suspension
hkonline168 hkonline168 1 Suspension
hkonstore11 hkonstore11 10
hksell88 hksell88 1
ho-goods ho-goods 6
honchai9974 honchai9974 1
hondong2009 hondong2009 2 Private Auctions
honestselling3658 honestselling3658 1
honesttop88 honesttop88 14 Suspension
hongbiao168168 hongbiao168168 1
honghualvye-niu-niu-niu honghualvye-niu-niu-niu 1
hongkongxpat852 hongkongxpat852 9 Suspension
honnli1 honnli1 6 Suspension
hosamfarrag hosamfarrag 3
hotdealsinc hotdealsinc 70 Suspension
hotmail1024 hotmail1024 1 Suspension
hotseller668 hotseller668 8 Suspension
hotselling.store88 hotselling.store88 3 Suspension
hotzone2009 hotzone2009 1
hubaobao9898 hubaobao9898 5 Suspension
hunter-moon hunter-moon 1
hwat71 hwat71 3 Suspension
hxiongxu hxiongxu 5 Suspension
hzm2009090909 hzm2009090909 1
i.babecare i.babecare 1
i.t.smart_electronic i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Suspension
i.traders.168168 i.traders.168168 8 Suspension
i.u_mobile i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Suspension
i24hours4you i24hours4you 8 Suspension
icesandy9995 icesandy9995 1 Suspension
id1_pro id1_pro 3
imagestars imagestars 1
imgameqi imgameqi 5 Suspension
imopod imopod 3 Suspension
inaltd inaltd 1 Private Auctions
innovico_surplus innovico_surplus 1
interdider interdider 1 Private Auctions
interfutura interfutura 2
international-distributing international-distributing 52 Private Auctions
intlshop4u intlshop4u 6 Private Auctions
i-power88 i-power88 14
isuper_sales isuper_sales 2 Suspension
itchee9888 itchee9888 54 Old Timer Suspension
ivywenstore ivywenstore 19 Suspension
jade9600_2007 jade9600_2007 1
jameshome621 jameshome621 2 Suspension
jankabudayova jankabudayova 1
jeffreylawchung jeffreylawchung 5 Suspension
jennie2688 jennie2688 6
jessica2796 jessica2796 3 Suspension
jhy8011 jhy8011 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jie2059 jie2059 1
jiejie5544 jiejie5544 27 Suspension
jimleung88 jimleung88 1
jincai208 jincai208 3 Private Auctions
jinchaomianfei168 jinchaomianfei168 2
jingpinwu688 jingpinwu688 7 Suspension
jinyu_zheng jinyu_zheng 12 Private Auctions Suspension
jixin099 jixin099 1 Private Auctions Suspension
johnnymagasin johnnymagasin 3 Suspension
jojie011 jojie011 1 Devious
jonyyang2000 jonyyang2000 1
Jrelease Jrelease 8
jun_ting1218 jun_ting1218 3 Suspension
jundty jundty 1
junfongc junfongc 7 Suspension
jxinjie85 jxinjie85 5
Jzfm131 Jzfm131 3 Suspension
kaho.chan kaho.chan 25 Private Auctions Suspension
kakalotte kakalotte 5
karleader88 karleader88 1 Suspension
kathy200908 kathy200908 1
kaykay268 kaykay268 25 Suspension
kbis_system kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Suspension
k-boxz k-boxz 7 Suspension
kchtcarlm kchtcarlm 9 Suspension
keepgoodme2009 keepgoodme2009 4 Suspension
ken_bo2008_2 ken_bo2008_2 13 Suspension
kennethwing kennethwing 1
kenqyeung08 kenqyeung08 3
kensington153 kensington153 6 Private Auctions Suspension
Kidprimis Kidprimis 1 Suspension
kikikimarket kikikimarket 24 Private Auctions Suspension
king88zone king88zone 3 Private Auctions
kinhome88 kinhome88 5
kitmanlaw2008 kitmanlaw2008 3
kitty-lin-lin kitty-lin-lin 6 Suspension
kllko2088 kllko2088 16 Suspension
klookde klookde 1
ko_091582 ko_091582 2 Private Auctions Suspension
kodaksrange1274 kodaksrange1274 1 Suspension
kraczo kraczo 1
kuailedwo kuailedwo 2 Suspension
kun_elecshop99 kun_elecshop99 15 Suspension
kungfuchiuchiu kungfuchiuchiu 15 Suspension
kurth912 kurth912 1

We hope this list helps you. If you see a seller making his feedback private, he is trying to hide the evidence. When a seller is deregistered he either ran from eBay or eBay has suspended him. Remember, if a seller does this, you can still make a claim at Paypal if you are in the time window!

Fake memory capacity occurs when the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size to operating systems. This leads to information loss once the real size of the chip is exceeded. You will not be able to recover it as it was never stored on the chip. Help fight this problem, warn others.

If you don’t see your seller on this list and you have tested (see H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives ). Use the Report A Fake tab to send in your information to add to the list. We can’t send out an internet alert without proof to warn the public. If your is on this list but you did not report your fake please do give a more accurate count against a fake flash seller.

If you found the list helpful, leave a comment! You do have to put in your email address, but we are not spying on you, it is to prevent spamming of this site!

We found the tool from very helpful to investigate. If you find that has helped you, be kind – donate to them.


2 Responses to “eBay Fraud Sellers List 200911 * to K. Fake USB Flash Memory – Pen Sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players From SOSFakeFlash”

  1. BigNandWanda said


    The new lists are ready. You have ruined all of my beautiful nails!

    Ladies: What do you do when a Gent deceives you? Apply to your most deceiving fake flash ebay sellers.

    Gents: Strong you are. We need your beautiful muscles. Most of you do the fighting inside of ebay. Knock the fake flash sellers out. Carry us away from the fake flash memory flames on eBay.

    Naughty ones: I love naughty. Sigh. Just be careful darlings and come home safely.

  2. dedes said

    I thank you for this website as it helped me to get my money back on one USB stick. I am currently working on two other fake devices. One from garysin2008 and another through an individual who purchased it from a fraudster on ebay then resold it to me when it didnt work as advertised. For anyone who purchased a fake item from an otherwise reputable seller take a look at his\her “feedback left for others” to help locate where they may have purchased the item originally. I did and found that the item sold to me was from a known fraudster. This evidence was added to the paypal\ebay claims as evidence. I had to go back two months to find out the fake 32gb SDHC card was purchased from “hitech2day”. see:

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