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eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200901

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

This list is now retired. Please see: eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200902

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash (False Capacity) devices as of 20090125 documented by SOSFakeFlash. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research, you no longer have to click and scroll through a sea of feedback to get to the important information.

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Count- Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: January 25 2009

Please click on the seller’s eBay Id to to see any negative and neutral feedback. This is in addition to the counts that we have on file.

If a seller tries to change his id – we will update and transfer our data over time to the new id. There is no running or hiding from the FrankenFlash Project.

Sellers chased from eBay will show as being deregistered. You can still claim against such a seller if you are in your time window.

Press the back button in your browser to return to this page.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes: 189 entries

EBG 07
Seller FakeTotal Classifcation Deregister
*mct0056* 2 Deregistered
001pawlak 1
1963dingdom 4 Deregistered
1sky1dream 2 Deregistered
3totrade 113 Devious Deregistered
516erenkoy01 4 Clever
agathe688 15 Deregistered
alexxxp0808 6 Deregistered
allproductsold1 2 Private Auctions
amaliahd 1 1 Private Auctions
bargain_gift_shop 2 Deregistered
barrylamshop 8 Devious Deregistered
bayer4you 1
bazaarus 13 Deregistered
best2you886 9
best-e-bay-sell 1 Private Auctions
bestselleryan 2 Deregistered
bluetech_networks 1 Deregistered
bosstrade168 1
caipemz 13 Deregistered
calltimtim 2 Deregistered
chaiching28 50 Old Timer
changshengzhubao666 2 Deregistered
chendimz 17 Deregistered 11 Deregistered
comingworld2008 4 Deregistered
comp_usb 1 Deregistered
ctone51 1
curiousshop 15
cymemory 6
dai_xinyu 6 Private Auctions
darnubiz 1 Devious
davidtam000 11 Deregistered
dengkimz 1 Deregistered
Dfsr1 1
Dg-emperor 40
diaoweifeng2008 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
digitalgundam 1 Deregistered
digitalting0303 3
digitexpert 12
digitmonde 7 Deregistered
digivendeur 18 Deregistered
disubs 26 Deregistered
Dogdog999 2
dogusb2008 17 Deregistered
dongfangzhubao9898 3 Deregistered
ejsonlinestores 2 Deregistered
electronicbase663 27 Old Timer
elizmeliz 1 Deregistered
epc*vauxhall 3 Devious
fast_limited 6 Deregistered
feida698 3 Deregistered
firstly2008 5 Private Auctions Deregistered
fkepdcwcw 4
flog.kingdom 2 Deregistered
fly_sky9898 61 Deregistered
focus-discount 1
Fu1121 17 Deregistered
Fubuchulaidexing 9 Deregistered
fukkee 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
gally2841 1
ganglin08 1
gbay21112 5
gguesswhat 1
go2besthk 2 Deregistered
goahead365 1 Deregistered
green_hkshop 1 Deregistered
green_world9898 1 Deregistered
gtim45378 6 Deregistered
guliaholder 1
haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Deregistered
happybybaby 3 Deregistered
harveyengling007 1 Devious
hengtong8880 2 Deregistered
henseller 9 Deregistered
hongkongxpat852 7
hotdealsinc 67 Deregistered
hunter-moon 1
hxiongxu 5 Deregistered
i.c.distribution 3 Private Auctions
i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Deregistered
i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Deregistered
icesandy9995 1 Deregistered
imopod 3 Deregistered
i-power88 14
itchee98 44 Old Timer Deregistered
jeffreylawchung 5 Deregistered
jhy8011 1 Private Auctions
jingpinwu688 6 Deregistered
jinyu_zheng 7 Private Auctions
johnnymagasin 1 Deregistered
Jzfm131 3
kaho.chan 24 Private Auctions Deregistered
karleader88 1 Deregistered
kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
kun_elecshop99 15 Deregistered
kungfuchiuchiu 10
leadingstore 9
lianghk2007 13 Deregistered
loongbays 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
lucky_shop898 6 Deregistered
lxmei98 2 Deregistered
m0o0mzzz 3 Deregistered
magicheers 1 Deregistered
Manmanso 1 Deregistered
manyilove2008 2
marginprice 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
Mcrosky 4 Deregistered
mdongdisk119 16 Deregistered
memory_world1 2 Deregistered
memoryking626 2 Deregistered
misumoshi 7 Deregistered
mostwantedstore 4 Devious Deregistered
mp34trade 3 Deregistered
mp3eternity 15
mp4man 8 Devious
mp4tech2008 1
mpp*11226 1 Deregistered
mylogowhy1234 2 Deregistered
mylove9898168 2 Deregistered
nantibabu 1
neverchargerback44 4
nicetransactions168 14 Deregistered
nightstar136 1 Deregistered
noblechannel 15 Deregistered
nrwdy1 1
nthewinningbidderis 2
ocean_hui_2008 1 Deregistered
onion.ginger 1 Deregistered
orientcurio999 4 Deregistered
pc_exports 7 4 Deregistered
pengsoloshow 4 Deregistered
peter112232 2 Deregistered
phonebase113 16 Old Timer
piao_yang16888 1 Deregistered
pigpingxian 2
platinum_auctions01 2 Deregistered
Pohula 1 Deregistered
polin412 14 Deregistered
powercommunicator 5 Deregistered
powerrangolee 13 Deregistered
qinghui156 3
qiongzhuzhijia 5 Devious Deregistered
rickysell819 10 Deregistered
rise-fly988 5 Deregistered
save_big4real 16 Deregistered 1 Deregistered
Sevensixhk 2 Deregistered
shinich918 1 Devious Deregistered
Shopwithmela 15 Deregistered
simply-sarahs-ltd 2
sincerefriend200888 1 Private Auctions Deregistered
slvrdrgn177 5
Sohotec168 1 Deregistered
Songjh7 1 Deregistered
spydevice 3
superdealsco 3 Deregistered
superelectronic2008 11 Deregistered
supersellercn88 5
syyuenlin168 1
takeme2home 1 Deregistered
tcua80 15 Private Auctions Deregistered
tcua88 25 Private Auctions Deregistered
tianfumzdisk2009 8 Deregistered
top789988 3 Private Auctions
tradingcameller 2
twbb4 5 Deregistered
upgrade_brother 7 Deregistered
usboasis 10 Deregistered 1 Deregistered
v-shopping2008 3 Deregistered
Whatcools 58 Deregistered
wholeselling-auctions 7 Deregistered
wide-bank 3 Deregistered
wm2008wm 3 Deregistered
wusimz 27 Deregistered
xiangxiang852 2 Deregistered
xiaotian_abc 3 Private Auctions
xiaoyong_77 5 Deregistered
yihaifeifan168 2 Deregistered
youbiduwant 7
Yrnehenry 1
yuanhuayh 1
yyyshop2008 1 Deregistered
zamanshop 3 Private Auctions Deregistered
zhidao16888 5 Deregistered
zhujunpeibay 6 Private Auctions Deregistered

We hope this list helps you. If you see a seller making his feedback private, he is trying to hide the evidence. If that does not shout Guilt, we do not know what does.

If you see that a seller has deregistered, this is wonderful. One more fake flash seller has been forced to leave eBay!

Remember, if a seller does this, you can still make a claim at Paypal if you are in the time window! Search the site for more information or write for a guide.

If a seller is no longer listing, it is possible that he has been temporarily suspended from eBay. Keep your eyes alert, such sellers often try to sneak back once the suspension is over.

Let us know if you find lists like this useful to you by leaving a comment. You do have to put in your email address, but we are not spying on you, it is to prevent spamming of this site!

We found the tool from very helpful to investigate. If you find that has helped you, be kind – donate to them.


7 Responses to “eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 200901”

  1. scamed said

    I tried using your tool and I got this message

    Error: eBay has blocked access to feedback. Toolhaus is unable to obtain information which is available only to registered eBay users. We’re not happy about this.

    what is going on? Is eBay screwing around? Looks like they are fu*cking everybody over.

  2. kittyfireflash said

    To Scamed,

    We are aware. It works and sometimes not.

    It speaks for itself. eBay is not interested in transparency.

    Everyone needs to understand something. This issue with fake flash has been around for along time aleast 5 years old, maybe longer. So time to do the math. Just how many eBayers have been sold fake flash usb drives and mp players and memory cards in five years?

    In recent dump and run’s some sellers have sold as many as 2000 fake flash items in a few weeks. Some of the alerts show earnings and also “fees” the sellers paid. There is a lot of money involved here.

    But worse still… data loss. Just how much is that worth? Can you put a price on it?

    And the most burning question of all. Why does not eBay warn buyers when a fake flash seller has been found out? That is the correct thing to do. Warn members. Refund members. Apologize too.

    Only eBay has the data files for the last five years. Information on listings disappear in a few months. Volume fake flash sellers can bury negative feedback. The tool allows people to get to the information quickly. If a seller is clean, there will be nothing to find. What is the point in allowing feedback if you can not examine it and do so quickly. The important feedback is never the “Postives” It is the negatives and neutrals – that can tell you a lot more about a sellers nature. You can still dig through the feedback directly, but that is an agony of mouse clicks and scanning through a long long series of pages. Some sellers go into hiding for a while with good behavior and selling legitimate items until they can bury the warnings presented by eBayers. Then they will start selling fake flash – again. The tool just makes it easier for everyone.

    The objective of eBay is to make it as hard as possible to learn the truth. It is the main reason the problem has existed so long and why so many people didn’t know about it. The FrankenFlash Project came to be because the issue of Data Loss is so serious.

    False capacity flash items are? Data Posion. Is it fine to sell Data Posion on eBay? Or posion of any kind.

    If eBay is unable to ensure that flash items sold are of genuine capacity – demanding standards and proof from sellers and legal action against them if they sell doctored flash devices, they still have one option. Ban the sale of usb flash drives, MP Players and memory cards. That would address the problem on eBay – quickly. Given what we have seen in the last 8 months and their inability to address the issue, it is the logical thing for them to do. But they won’t. Money. The money they make from allowing these listings is just too good. We some times think they are as addicted as the fake flash sellers they harbour and often protect – profit can do that to people.

    Ask yourself another question. What might happen if all the records were examined for the last five years? Every negative feedback and link to a seller that indicates a false capacity drive and or counterfeit? Then all the sales of the item to all buyers of it? Then all the eBayers who bought it, contacted? Do you see where we are going?

    So don’t be surprised if eBay tries to do anything and everything to prevent access to the truth or the issue. It is not only victims that read the information at our sites. eBay reads it too. We think that the last reports we issued documenting what we found in graphic colour and detail over the last 8 months has them in panic. Well they should be. eBay members have been pounding at their doors for months warning them, asking, begging, pleading with them to take action. Unfortunately, once more, eBay is attempting to take action in the wrong places.. They should expend their energy in addressing the issue of fake flash – false capacity flash items on eBay.

    Causing trouble with the tool – it just compounds their involvement and attempts to hide the truth from members. And for eBayers it only condemns them further. We will be monitoring their behavior and hope they will have the wisdom to stop what they are attempting and get focused on addressing the true exposure and issue – removing sellers of fake flash from eBay so we can have a safer buying place. We don’t consider the recent escalation in the sale of 16GB false capacity usb flash drives in the last two months an enhancement of our buyer experience. Do you?

  3. Dave said

    am having trouble with the tool. keep getting this:

    Error: eBay has blocked access to feedback.

  4. confused said

    hi, I saw this on the internet:

    the last comment said

    Why don’t you list the vendors who riped you off? If ebay won’t do something, why not do it yourself?
    how to do it:
    you could post here with a heading of say “who’s selling junk” than put a link to a web site, someone set up a site on say windows live with bloging enabled, anyone who get’s riped off blog it.

    So I logged in and left a comment about your site. next day guess what i found in my email from ebay?

    We appreciate your participation in the eBay Community Forums. We are writing to let you know that we removed the following post.

    There is a site that lists the sellers. Go to http:
    see left column
    “eBay Fakes – Sellers List” They update it every
    couple of weeks. There are even links to check FB – yes
    the negs and quickly without going through a lot of
    pages. See the reports too. PDF files that show the
    fakes they have investigated.

    In order for the community forums, which are based on the eBay Community Values,to be a place where all members can feel comfortable interacting with each other, there are certain types of posts we remove when they are reported to us. The guidelines for posting in the forums are defined in the Board Usage Policy. Your post was removed for
    the following reason:

    Posting listing reports or member violations. To report suspected violations, please use the online forms on the Investigations page. For clarification of this policy,please visit this page:

    We understand that most posts that are removed were not intentional violations. We invite you to take some time to review the Board Usage Policy and policy explanations via the following URLs for clarification about the types of posts that we do not allow.

    Again, we value your participation in the forums, and we appreciate your support.

    eBay Moderation Team

    What community ebay values did I break. who would report my comment as something bad? lots of people put links in ebay forums. ?????????? somebody have an answer?

  5. FakeStopper said

    To Confused

    I am very surprise at why ebay is removing your post. I seriously do not see what values you have broken for ebay to take such action. Their action can only be described as being bias, and they only fear for their reputation.

    Here is an exact quote of ebay community value:

    Community values
    eBay provides the following resources The eBay Community is guided by the following five fundamental values:

    We believe people are basically good.

    We believe everyone has something to contribute.

    We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people.

    We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual.

    We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated.

    eBay is firmly committed to these principles. And we believe that Community members should also honor them—whether buying, selling, or chatting with eBay friends

    So removing that post does it create an honest, open environment?

    Seriously I am getting very annoy with what ebay and paypal is doing.

    I came across this link, very interesting.

  6. FTANL said

    Hi, I appreciate the list but not all of the sellers on it “we;re forced to leave eBay” The seller below is still going strong, just with a user id change..Same account, different name. I guess eBay can’t kick it’s bread & butter Power Sellers.

    i.c.distribution cange to intertrade-connection

  7. kittyfireflash said

    To Ftranl

    You are very correct, i.c.distribution has gone through a name change and yes, this is one big bad fake flash seller ebay is protecting. But see the post : intertrade-connection aka i.c.distribution aka i.c_electronics Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert – Devious Id Change

    We issued an alert to the public on May 14th, 2009 about the name change. Because intertrade-connection aka i.c.distribution aka i.c_electronics has engaged in private auctions he is a difficult seller to catch and to have his fake flash lights put out! The only way to deal with him is if ebay members contact any body who left postive feedback with an ebay item nujmber of private and ask them to test what they bought! If false capacity (and it will be) they have to raise a dispute with paypal and report the seller to ebay. And we would appreciate that they report in to us using the report a fake tab at this site with the info needed.

    This is a nasty old seller that has sold fake flash for more than a year. To catch him people need to contact buyers and have them test. We unfortunately do not have the manpower to spare. How long he gets to continue is up to you…the victims. If you put your shoulders to the wheel you can zap him. The amount of money he has make at the expense of ebay members is pretty disgusting.

    The only people who can clean up ebay are ebay members. If you expect ebay to do it, then you will find fake flash selling will continue into the next decade. If you see suspended on the list….you can thank fellow ebay members for it, not ebay.

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