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eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 20081214

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2008

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash (False Capacity) devices as of 20081214 documented by SOSFakeFlash. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research, you no longer have to click and scroll through a sea of feedback to get to the important information.

This list is now old, please click: for the most recent list.

Please click on the seller’s eBay Id to to see any negative and neutral feedback. This is in addition to the counts that we have on file.

Note: Some sellers have deregistered then reappeared under new seller id’s. If you click on your seller and see a different name, it means that he has tried to evade you by using a new id. For a period of time, the old name will be transfered to the new name with this tool! Eventually it will become blank.

Many sellers are also now hiding their feedback with “Private” – this another attempt hide the truth about their fake flash selling from you. It you find this in feedback and you confirmed you purchased a fake – report the seller hiding his feedback to eBay.

We have added a new feature – sellers who have run from eBay with a deregister. You can still claim against a seller that does this, butHurry!

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Update: December 14 2008

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes: 152 entries

Seller FakeTotal Deregister
*mct0056* 1  
1963dingdom 3 Deregistered
1sky1dream 2 Deregistered
3totrade 103 Deregistered
agathe688 5 Deregistered
alexxxp0808 6 Deregistered 1  
bargain_gift_shop 2 Deregistered
bayer4you 1  
bazaarus 12  
best2you886 2  
bestselleryan 2 Deregistered
bluetech_networks 1  
bosstrade168 1  
calltimtim 2 Deregistered
chaiching28 30  
changshengzhubao666 1  
chendimz 3 3 Deregistered
comingworld2008 4 Deregistered
comp_usb 1  
ctone51 1  
cymemory 6  
dai_xinyu 2  
davidtam000 8 Deregistered
dengkimz 1 Deregistered
Dfsr1 1  
Dg-emperor 3  
diaoweifeng2008 2  
digitalgundam 1 Deregistered
digitalting0303 3  
digitexpert 1  
Dogdog999 2  
dogusb2008 10 Deregistered
dongfangzhubao9898 1  
ejsonlinestores 1 Deregistered
electronicbase663 1  
elizmeliz 1  
epc*vauxhall 3  
flog.kingdom 2 Deregistered
fly_sky9898 3  
Fu1121 3 Deregistered
Fubuchulaidexing 9 Deregistered
fukkee 3 Deregistered
gally2841 1  
gbay21112 2  
gguesswhat 1  
go2besthk 2  
goahead365 1  
green_hkshop 1  
green_world9898 1  
gtim45378 6 Deregistered
guliaholder 1  
haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Deregistered
happybybaby 3 Deregistered
harveyengling007 1  
hengtong8880 1  
henseller 2  
hotdealsinc 16 Deregistered
hunter-moon 1  
hxiongxu 1 Deregistered
i.c.distribution 1  
i.c_electronics 2  
i.t.smart_electronic 3  
i.u_mobile 2 Deregistered
icesandy9995 1 Deregistered
imopod 3 Deregistered
i-power88 13  
itchee98 44 Deregistered
jeffreylawchung 1  
Jzfm131 3  
kaho.chan 21 Deregistered
karleader88 1 Deregistered
leadingstore 9  
lianghk2007 13 Deregistered
loongbays 1 Deregistered
lucky_shop898 6 Deregistered
m0o0mzzz 3 Deregistered
magicheers 1 Deregistered
Manmanso 1 Deregistered
marginprice 2  
Mcrosky 4 Deregistered
mdongdisk119 4  
memory_world1 2  
memoryking626 2  
mostwantedstore 4 Deregistered
mp34trade 3 Deregistered
mp3eternity 2  
mp4man 8  
mp4tech2008 1  
mpp*11226 1 Deregistered
mylogowhy1234 2 Deregistered
mylove9898168 2 Deregistered
neverchargerback44 4  
nicetransactions168 14 Deregistered
nightstar136 1  
noblechannel 15 Deregistered
nrwdy1 1  
nthewinningbidderis 2  
ocean_hui_2008 1 Deregistered
onion.ginger 1 Deregistered
orientcurio999 3  
pc_exports 2 4  
pengsoloshow 4 Deregistered
peter112232 2 Deregistered
phonebase113 3  
piao_yang16888 1  
platinum_auctions01 2  
Pohula 1 Deregistered
polin412 1  
qiongzhuzhijia 5 Deregistered
rickysell819 7 Deregistered
rise-fly988 5 Deregistered
save_big4real 4 Deregistered 1 Deregistered
Sevensixhk 2 Deregistered
shinich918 1 Deregistered
Shopwithmela 15  
simply-sarahs-ltd 2  
slvrdrgn177 1  
Sohotec168 1 Deregistered
Songjh7 1 Deregistered
superdealsco 3 Deregistered
superelectronic2008 2 Deregistered
supersellercn88 3  
szeho663 19  
takeme2home 1 Deregistered
tcua80 15 Deregistered
tcua88 25 Deregistered
tianfumzdisk2009 5 Deregistered
top789988 3  
twbb4 5 Deregistered
upgrade_brother 1  
usbexport 3  
usboasis 5 1 Deregistered
v-shopping2008 3 Deregistered
Whatcools 53 Deregistered
wholeselling-auctions 7 Deregistered
wide-bank 3  
wm2008wm 2  
xiangxiang852 2 Deregistered
xiaotian_abc 2  
xiaoyong_77 3  
yeung33759 11  
yihaifeifan168 1 Deregistered
youbiduwant 6  
Yrnehenry 1  
yuanhuayh 1  
yyyshop2008 1  
zamanshop 3 Deregistered

We hope this list helps you. If you see a seller making his feedback private, he is trying to hide the evidence. If that does not shout Guilt, we do not know what does.

If you see that a seller has deregistered, this is wonderful. One more fake flash seller has been forced to leave eBay!

Remember, if a seller does this, you can still make a claim at Paypal if you are in the time window! Search the site for more information or write for a guide.

If a seller is no longer listing, it is possible that he has been temporarily suspended from eBay. Keep your eyes alert, such sellers often try to sneak back once the suspension is over.

Let us know if you find lists like this useful to you by leaving a comment. You do have to put in your email address, but we are not spying on you, it is to prevent spamming of this site!

We found the tool from very helpful to investigate. If you find that has helped you, be kind – donate to them.


One Response to “eBay Fake Flash Sellers List – 20081214”

  1. I found this today when I was looking for flashdrives and it makes me wonder.
    32GB Kingston USB memory Stick 2.0 4GB being sold by arifqammar( 52). He also puts this 32GB Kingston Datatraveller USB 2.0 Memory stick 4GB.

    Thier is no lie i am telling the truth it shows 32GB and its looks same as shown in the picture but its real capacity is 4GB.Thier is no real 32GB USB memory stick whatever mostly people are selling are fake.32GB is a massive storage it cant be in USB it need hard disk.

    So those buyer who want to show as a society status 32GB they can buy my product.

    USB2.0 high speed
    Full Speed USB V1.1 or V2.0 connectivity Read and write flash memory card
    Truly plug-and-play, hot swappable
    Perfect for mobile user
    A convenient and fast data exchange device for MP3, PDA, Digital Camera, etc
    USB interface
    USB bus-powered, no external power supply is needed
    Power LED indicator

    Works with all the windows

    Payment is due within three days of the auction ending. I am very easy to work with, so if you are not able to meet this requirement, please contact me and we’ll work something out! I prefer PayPal, but will accept other methods if you contact me before the end of the auction. Please do not bid if you don’t intend on paying. I will have to file a non-paying bidder report and leave negative feedback. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

    Very Fast Shipping & Gurranted Delievery

    Shipping Currently, I ship with delivery confirmation and depending on the cost of the item. I do my best to keep my shipping costs low. Please don’t bid if you don’t like the shipping cost.Item will be deieverd in 4-8 Days.

    if refund will be required,Returning of item is needed on buyers expenses.

    All sales are final….please ask all questions before the auction ends

    This seller is from the Ukraine. If I am wrong about this listing as to me that he is advertising it as 32Gb and adds 4Gb to the end and saying that there is no true 32GB flashdrives around but is still willing to sell, could this be that he is trying to con people into buying his product?

    Hope if this is a future problem waiting to happen that it has alerted you.

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